10 Best Ultra Beasts in Pokémon, Ranked (2022)

Ultra Beasts aren’t exactly like the regular Pokémon that we are familiar with. Some fans like them, some don’t and some have issues with the way they are designed. But that’s exactly the point of these Ultra Beasts because they came from a completely different dimension!

Introduced in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, Ultra Beasts are a group of extra-dimensional Pokémon that originate from Ultra Space. These beasts appear from Ultra Wormholes in Alola and are drawn to those who have gone through a wormhole due to residual energy on them, expecting to find wormhole that will take them back home.

Currently there are a total of 11 Ultra Beasts in Pokémon, 10 if you exclude the base form of Naganadel, and they all have code names that separate them from other Pokémon. There are also Pokémon like Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozma that aren’t exactly Ultra Beasts but they have a strong connection to Ultra Space and are often lumped together in the same category.

These beasts can be extremely powerful and they are creatures of intrigue that have baffled people all over the world. So, it’s only natural that you’d like to know more about them and figure out who are the best Ultra Beasts in Pokémon, and that’s exactly what I intend to do with this article!

The Best Ultra Beasts of 2022

10. Naganadel


Naganadel is a dual-type Poison/Dragon Pokémon. It evolves from Poipole when leveled up while knowing Dragon Pulse and it is known by the code name “UB Stinger.”

This Pokémon is a combination of insect and dragon. It has long, sharp mandibles on its tail and sides. Also, it has spikes on its wings, head, and thorax. The bulk of this Pokémon’s body is purple and red.

Its lower body appears swollen and contains its brain and some poisonous liquid. On the abdomen of this dragon-type Pokémon, there are sensitive spikes that cause it to act with terrible aggression. As a result, it can sometimes release the poisonous liquid that it secretes.

  • Type: Poison/Dragon
  • Weakness: Ground, Psychic, Ice, Dragon
  • Immunity: None
  • Resistance: Fighting, Poison, Bug, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric

9. Stakataka


Stakataka is one of the Ultra Beasts that is known by the code name “UB Assembly.” It is a dual-type Steel/Rock Pokémon and it does not evolve.

This rock-type Pokémon is grey and made up of stacked stones that look like a tower with legs. It has blue eyes on its legs, face, and side of its face. Whenever it is upset or in a battle, Stakataka’s eyes turn red. It is especially irritated when anything climbs its back and will shake off invasive animals vigorously.

If intruders can withstand Stakataka’s attacks, they will gain its respect. It is made up of over 150 life forms and is considered to be one of the heaviest Pokémon in its category.

  • Type: Rock/Steel
  • Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Water
  • Immunity: Poison
  • Resistance: Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Fairy

8. Nihilego


Nihilego is a dual-type Rock/Poison Pokémon that was introduced in Generation VII. It is one of the Ultra Beasts and is known by the code name “UB-01 Symbiote.”

This is a jelly-like Pokémon that several tentacles and star shapes on its face, and it moves like a young girl. To capture prey, Nihilego entraps it and releases a deadly toxin that can affect their thoughts. It is also capable of altering their memories permanently. It destroys its hosts by eroding their inhibitors and causing them to exhibit feats of excitement and violence.

  • Type: Rock/Poison
  • Weakness: Ground, Steel, Water, Psychic
  • Immunity: None
  • Resistance: Normal, Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, Fairy

7. Blacephalon


Blacephon was introduced in Generation VII and it is one of the Ultra Beasts known by the code name “UB Burst.” It is a dual fire-type and ghost-type Pokémon that does not evolve!

This humanoid Pokémon is adorned with multiple colors and slim arms shaped like a teardrop. Also, It has a slim body and large hips. Around its waist and feet, small colorful balls are visible.

Its head is a large ball, with colorful dots that also serves as a weapon. In attack, Blacephalon distracts its enemies with its weird walking style before blowing their heads up.

  • Type: Fire/Ghost
  • Weakness: Ground, Rock, Ghost, Water, Dark
  • Immunity: Normal, Fighting
  • Resistance: Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, Fairy

6. Guzzlord


Guzzlord is a dual-type Dragon/Dark Pokémon that is not known to evolve. It is is known by the code name “UB-05 Glutton.”

This is an extremely large dark-type Pokémon with a very wide mouth. It has large yellow teeth and dark inner teeth as well. It has a large tongue, long claws, and multiple spiky upshots from its body. Also, it has a strong tail with a spiky club at its tip. Guzzlord’s jaw is so powerful that it can consume a mountain whole.

Guzzlord also eats large buildings by trapping them with its long tongue and is a compulsive consumer and converts everything he eats into energy. Because it only eats heavy objects, it also takes that form.

  • Type: Dark/Dragon
  • Weakness: Fighting, Bug, Ice, Dragon, Fairy
  • Immunity: Psychic
  • Resistance: Ghost, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Dark

5. Buzzwole


Buzzwole is a dual-type Bug/Fighting Pokémon. It is one of the best Ultra Beasts and is known by the code name “UB-02 Absorption.”

Buzzwole is an insectoid Pokémon that has muscular arms and appears to be full of a red liquid substance. It has a saucer-like head and a very sharp protruding steel on its mouth. On each side of its eyes, it has two antennas.

Although this fighting-type Pokémon looks formidable, it thrives by sapping the energy from its enemies. To do this, it inserts its proboscis into its enemies and saps its energy to grow its muscles at an explosive pace.

  • Type: Bug/Fighting
  • Weakness: Flying, Fire, Psychic, Fairy
  • Immunity: None
  • Resistance: Fighting, Ground, Bug, Grass, Dark

4. Xurkitree


Xurkitree is an electric-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation VII. It does not evolve and is known by the code name “UB-03 Lighting.”

Xurkitree is extremely tall and made up of electrical wiring and cables. It has no face and has an electrical spark that keeps on glowing. On its shoulders, ankles and knees, it has white bands.

This Pokémon has cable hands and is an electrical conductor. When it is running low on electricity, it can plug itself into the ground to recharge itself. Xurkitree nourishes itself on electricity of all kinds and can deliver over one million volts of electricity in battle.

  • Type: Electric
  • Weakness: Ground
  • Immunity: None
  • Resistance: Flying, Steel, Electrical

3. Kartana


Kartana is a dual-type Steel/Grass Pokémon that was introduced in Generation VII. It is one of the best Ultra Beasts and is known by the code name “UB-04 Blade.”

This grass-type is a paper-like Pokémon that takes the form of origami. It has sharp edges and no discernible facial features, and it is known to violently attack anything in its path. Kartana’s arms are so sharp that they can cut through steel. Also, just like paper, it is lightweight and able to evade attacks with ease. However, it is susceptible to flames and will burn up if exposed to fire.

  • Type: Grass/Steel
  • Weakness: Fighting, Fire
  • Immunity: Poison
  • Resistance: Normal, Rock, Steel, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Dragon, Fairy

2. Pheromosa


Pheromosa is a dual-type Fighting/Bug Pokémon that is not known to evolve. It was introduced in Generation VII and is known by the code name “UB-02 Beauty.”

It is a tall, slender insect-like Pokémon that has antennae and other features that come with its kind. Pheromosa’s antennae flow to the ground, and its wings start from the top and flow in criss-cross patterns. It is athletic and can leap to extreme heights and run at incredible speeds.

In addition, Pheromosa releases pheromones to entice and attract whatever comes in contact with it. It considers itself to be clean and refuses contact with other “polluted” Pokémon for this reason.

  • Type: Bug/Fighting
  • Weakness: Flying, Fire, Psychic, Fairy
  • Immunity: None
  • Resistance: Fighting, Ground, Bug, Grass, Dark

1. Celesteela


Celesteela is a dual-type Flying/Steel Pokémon. It is one of the Ultra Beasts and is known by the code name “UB-04 Blaster.”

Celesteela is a spaceship-like Pokémon with bamboo-like features. At the top of its head, it looks like a pointed stick and is surrounded by spikes. Inside its body, it has flammable gas which is the core of its energy and this gas serves as its means for space flight. It is also said that this steel-type Pokémon’s flight is so powerful, it can destroy everything around it.

  • Type: Steel/Fighting
  • Weakness: Fire and Electric
  • Immunity: Poison, Ground
  • Resistance: Normal, Flying, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Dragon, Fairy


These was the complete article featuring not only all the best Ultra Beasts in Pokémon but also ranking them based on their abilities, their destructive power and their amazing designs. I hope that you were able to get more information on these Pokémon than what you already knew.

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