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17 Best Pokémon Girls of All Time, Ranked (2022 Edition)

Aside from the wide variety of creatures scattered across the vast world of Pokémon, we are also given the pleasure of meeting many memorable characters through Ash’s journey to become a Pokémon master.

The Pokémon world has a colorful cast of memorable girls starting from Ash’s classic travel companion, the tomboyish mermaid, Misty, and series staples like Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny that make the series feel well-rounded.

To celebrate each girl from the series, I have prepared a list of some of the most popular Pokémon girls of all time! We’ll discuss each girl as we talk about their character, design, and memorability in the anime series and even the games.

Best Pokémon Girls of 2022

17. Nurse Joy

nurse joy

Nurse Joy has always been a staple to the Pokémon world, from the original Red and Blue games to her initial debut in the anime, where she treated Ash’s Pikachu after the Spearow episode. Nurse Joy and her sisters of Nurse Joys have always been there to ensure our Pokémon are always in top condition after a hard-fought battle making them incredibly memorable.

We have seen her repeatedly working tirelessly in the anime to treat any injured Pokémon with her kind and honest nature while still capable of putting up a brave front when confronting trainers who aren’t correctly looking after their Pokémon. All this makes her spot well-deserved, as no game and anime would feel complete without our dear Nurse Joy.

16. Jessie


Jessie, the acclaimed leader of the trio of Team Rocket, has cemented herself to be one of the most memorable female characters in Pokémon to date, alongside Ash and her fellow Team Rocket Members, James and Meowth. Although rough and dramatic, Jessie has many things going for her as a character when you put aside the shenanigans she gets into as a member of Team Rocket.

We have seen her character grow and develop throughout Ash’s journey. Her passion for Pokémon contests and showcases show off her creative and talented side as Pokémon coordinator and trainer, respectively. She also has an unexpectedly softer side despite being a member of the infamous Team Rocket with episodes such as when she has to release her Dustox so that it won’t get the same heartbreaking experience she had after it fell in love with a shiny Dustox on the same episode. These things make Jessie a well-rounded character for this, alongside her quirky Wobuffet.

15. Office Jenny

officer jenny

Like Nurse Joy from our previous entry, Officer Jenny has been another staple to the world of Pokémon ever since her original debut in the anime. Her character is just as straightforward as Nurse Joy’s. Officer Jenny is known to be brave and determined in following her duties and ensuring that everyone and their Pokémon are safe from danger.

We have seen her fight against prominent organizations in the anime, such as Team Rocket, Team Galactic, and Team Magma/Aqua, alongside minor villains in several episode sequences. It is no surprise that many fans hold her in high regard, similar to Nurse Joy, as the duo combined to complete the world of Pokémon.

14. Lillie


Lillie is an extremely lovable character in the Pokémon universe with her character arc and development in both the anime and the games. Any fan who has played through the original games and watched the anime would be pleasantly surprised to see this character change from being delicate and nervous to a dedicated and studious character as her character arc progresses.

Her main character arc starts from her dislike of Pokémon fighting and, in the case of the games, her inability to get close to or interact with Pokémon outside of Nebby and Snowy. Despite this fear, however, she is an avid lover of Pokémon and is willing to go as far as conquering her fears to protect those she holds dear.

13. Iris


Iris is a well-known dragon-type Pokémon trainer in the series as she was featured as a Champion and was one of Ash’s travel companions in his journey at the Unova regions. We frequently find her butting heads with Ash with her tomboyish and hyperactive nature, which serves as a significant change of pace for the series.

These traits are also shown in her admiration for the dragon-type Pokémon and her growth as a Pokémon trainer who understands the hearts of Pokémon. Her skills and character traits have garnered her a lot of attention throughout the series, where her drive and passion were fully showcased in her battle against her idol, Cynthia, where she tried her best to give it her all.

12. Bea


Bea is one of the newer Pokémon girls introduced in the series with the Galar region, and she made a strong impact with her character appearance in both the anime and the game. Bea is an incredibly determined individual who is always willing to put in the time and effort to accomplish her goals. Her character is perfectly complimented by her Pokémon type of choice, the fighting-type, as she aims to overcome any challenge head-on.

Despite her initial stoic demeanor, she is shown to be extraordinarily kind and considerate towards her friends and her Pokémon. She even has a sweet tooth which she is embarrassed by other people finding out about. Her perseverance and commitment make her an incredibly well-rounded character to the growing cast of Pokémon and fighting-type experts.

11. Clair


Clair serves as the eighth and final Gym leader in the Johto region that Ash faced in the anime, which many players are familiar with. Clair comes off as a confident Pokémon trainer and, like Iris, has great love and respect for the dragon-type Pokémon. She also has a stricter side where she refuses to accept her loss in a gym battle unless the challenger completes the “Dragon-master Challenger.”

However, she still has a compassionate side to her character as she is shown to sympathize with other Pokémon greatly and is willing to approach them despite the danger she might place herself in. This is best demonstrated in how she calms down a rampaging shiny Druddigon and Dragonite, where the former joined her party at the end of the episode.

10. Nessa


Nessa is another Pokémon trainer hailing from the Galar region alongside Bea, where she serves as their water-type Gym Leader while holding a successful modeling career. Her parents significantly shaped the kind of trainer she has become as they influenced her interest in the water-type Pokémon. She has a calm and collected persona but still has the same competitive spirit of overcoming challenges that block her.

Despite having two careers as both a gym leader and a model, she is always willing to give it her all on both ends as she dreams of reaching the top as both a Pokémon trainer and model. Nessa is incredibly popular both in the Pokémon world and among fans of the series, given her memorable character and indomitable will to overcome challenges.

9. Skyla


Next on the list is Skyla from the Unova region, where she serves not only as their flying-type Gym Leader but also as one of the famous and skilled pilots, even owning an entire airport that doubles as a gym area. Skyla is one of the more memorable Gym Leaders in Ash’s Unova journey, as she sticks out to fans through her specific episode.

Throughout the episode, we can see just how free-spirited and bubbly Skyla is, which adds a certain level of charm to her character, perfectly complimented by her flying-type Pokémon and her ace, Swanna. Her skills as a pilot and trainer are nothing short of impressive despite her overconfidence. At the end of her episode, we see her grow as a responsible Gym Leader, which fully rounds out her character.

8. Hilda


Fans of the Pokémon series are first introduced to Hilda in her debut game of Black and White, where she served as the female protagonist. Hilda stands out from the cast of playable characters. She is one of the best Pokémon girls, thanks to the unique experience the Unova region was able to share with its region, story, and Pokémon. She shares a strong friendship with her childhood friends Bianca and Cheren and is willing to fight for the right cause when she faces Team Plasma.

Her character is further expanded in the spin-off title, Pokémon Masters, as we see her as someone who enjoys battling with other Pokémon trainers to become the best trainer along with her partner, Emboar. She still retains her value of friendship, even going as far as to search for N in another region for two years after his disappearance.

7. Elesa


Continuing with the trend of trainers from the Unova region, Elesa is next on this list of the most popular Pokémon girls. Like Nessa, Elesa is both a Gym Leader and a model, albeit she specializes in electric-type Pokémon instead of water. She believes that Pokémon battles are a way to express herself and greatly sticks to this belief in her battles, where she and her Pokémon both appeal to the audience by striking poses.

Outside being a gym leader and model, Elesa has a cuter side to herself, such as when she leaves the runaway to get a closer look at Ash’s Pikachu. She also looks for ways to help other Pokémon trainers, such as when she helps Bianca with her troubles. Overall, her battle as a Gym Leader and interaction with other characters helps create a lasting impression on everyone who meets her.

6. Chloe


Chloe is one of the anime series’ newcomers and has become a welcome addition to the growing cast of Pokémon. She brings a unique outlook on the Pokémon anime with her realistic approach to life while also serving as Goh’s childhood friend in the series. She might seem cold at first and bad with relationships with other characters, but her growth in the series shows her improving and becoming friendly with Ash and other characters.

She has had more adventures with Ash in a recent episode and has shown significant improvements in her character. Additionally, she significantly improves her outlook in life and her relationship with her Eevee and other familiar faces of the series, such as Dawn and Serena.

5. Misty


This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Misty, who has been with Ash (and the anime fans) for the longest in his Pokémon trainer journey since he busted her bike. Misty is a highly memorable character in the games and anime, thanks to her sweet and optimistic personality combined with her outburst towards Ash and Brock.

Misty is an incredibly skilled water-type trainer; she even became a Gym Leader specializing in the type. She is also extremely caring towards her friends and Pokémon, especially regarding their safety. Her character remains fresh in the minds of Pokémon fans everywhere which is why she is on this list of the best Pokémon girls of all time!

4. Serena


Serena is best known as Ash’s traveling companion throughout his journey through the Kalos region. She initially began as someone with little to no ambition and didn’t know what kind of goal she wanted to achieve; however, she eventually found one and settled on becoming a top Pokémon performer.

Her character is one of the most well-developed ones in the series as she grows from someone unsure about their future to someone willing to push through challenges to achieve their dreams. Serena has an incredibly kind and polite character and is shown to be infatuated with Ash after meeting him in her childhood. She is shown to be supportive of his decisions and has a hobby outside of Pokémon, where she enjoys trying out different fashions and clothing available to her.

3. Dawn


Dawn served as Ash’s strong-headed female companion in the Sinnoh region, where they shared a sweet and supportive friendship as they strived to accomplish their dreams of becoming the best Pokémon coordinator and Pokémon trainer, respectively. Dawn is highly confident and proud of herself, which is shown in her impressive performance in Pokémon contests with unique move combinations and appeals.

Fans of the series are also familiar with Dawn’s Piplup, which is just as iconic as her as they share the same proud personality and cute interactions. Nevertheless, Dawn remains a competent Pokémon trainer outside of the contests and even has a talent for designing clothes. This makes Dawn one of the most beloved girls in the Pokémon franchise.

2. May


Following the trend of Ash’s traveling companion, we have May, a lovely and kind-hearted Pokémon coordinator in Ash’s Hoenn journey. May stands to be one of Ash’s most iconic traveling companions as she served to take over Misty’s role in the series and breathed new life into the anime and Ash’s journey as a whole.

She is an optimistic individual and has a caring and protective nature toward her friends and little brother. She is also incredibly quirky, as seen with her naming sense in Pokéblocks and her famous “May’s Expedition” segment. These all help May become a loved character in the series, thanks to her unique strengths.

1. Cynthia


Unsurprisingly, the number one spot on this list goes to no other character but Cynthia. Cynthia is an incredibly memorable character for any Pokémon fan, whether you met her through the games or the anime. Cynthia and her Garchomp have become a legendary symbol to many, and for a good reason, as she has the skills to back up her claim to fame.

Other than being the Champion of Sinnoh, Cynthia also has a great interest in Pokémon mythology and doesn’t hesitate to talk about it when given a chance. Additionally, she also has a soft side for ice and sweets. Regardless, she remains a well-respected character in Pokémon, with fans having fond memories of her in Diamond and Pearl or when she swept through Paul’s entire team with just her Garchomp.


This brings us to the end of the article featuring all the best Pokémon girls of all time in the series. Of course, there are several other female Pokémon trainers that you must have come across in the Pokémon games and the anime, but these are the best of the best, in my opinion.

If you liked the article, make sure to share it with your friends. And if you think there are other female Pokémon characters who deserve to be on this list, use the comments section below to let me know!

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