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13 Best Reincarnation Manga, Manhwa & Manhua (2022)

Reincarnation as a concept is quite fascinating, so it’s no wonder that there would be an entire category of manga for fans of this concept. In this article, we take a look at the best reincarnation manga as well as manhwa and manhua that you must definitely read this new year!

Literally every theme, genre, and concept you can come up with has either a manga or manhwa adaptation. This holds true even for the idea of “reincarnation.”

Through reincarnation manga and manhwa, we have walked through the lives of diverse characters, experienced their growth, laughed at the differences between their old and new lives, and followed them on their journeys. And I think that some of these stories should be read by everyone out there.

But before we get into the list of the best reincarnation manga and manhwa, I’d like to mention that these titles can also be considered as isekai manga. However, since we are talking about reincarnating into another world and not getting transferred to another world, I haven’t included all isekai stories here. That’s a different article altogether!

So, let’s not waste any more time and check out the best manga recommendations focusing on the concept of being reborn into another world!

Best Reincarnation Manga & Manhwa (2022)

13. Kenja no Mago by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka & Ogata Shunsuke

kenja no mago

Kenja no Mago, also known as Wiseman’s Grandchild, is a good place to start the journey of reincarnation manga. This series follows the story of a man who died in a car accident and was reincarnated into a mystical world. In this world, he is found by none other than the Sage, Merlin Wolford.

Merlin goes out of his way and teaches the child whom he names “Shin,” everything he needs to be exceptional in the mystical world of magic and demons he is born into.

After joining the Earlshide Kingdom’s Magic Academy, Shin goes on missions and undergoes even further training to face new and powerful threats that keep showing up every day. With the help of his friends and grandparents, he continues to rise to limelight.

12. Reborn As A Scholar by Soo Yu Hyun & Yum Jack-Jack

reborn as a scholar

In addition to being one of the new rising cultivation trope manhwa, The Scholar’s Reincarnation, or Reborn As A Scholar, is one of the top new-gen reincarnation manhwa out there. With numerous twists in the story of the main characters, it takes the read on the plot of a lifetime adventure.

It tells the story of a martial artist who was murdered in his previous life and was reborn into a family of love the Hwang Family. In this family, with the new gift of friendship he is given, he decides to live a better life for himself. Hwang Jun Woo, for the sake of protecting his sister and his newfound family, continues to grow and develop himself, providing us with both action, adventure, and a love for family!

11. Isekai Nonbiri Nouka by Kinosuke Naitou & Yasuyuki Tsurugi

isekai nonbiri nouka

Unlike the many traditional reincarnation manga, Isekai Nonbiri Nouka has nothing to do with action, but everything to do with slice of life. Literally translating to “Farming Life in Another World,” the plot tells the story of a young man who was diagnosed with a terminal illness in his previous life and had to live a pretty painful life.

When he dies, he meets “God” who is willing to give him another shot at life with a different incarnation in a different world, and he decides to grant him a couple of wishes as well. After he is reincarnated, he decides to understand more about the thing that kept him alive for so long in his previous life – farming.

Although different from the cliché tropes of manga, manhwa, and manhua out there, this humorous manga promises both depth and an analysis of life choices.

10. Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu & Luo Di Cheng Qiu

mo dao zu shi

Another fast-rising reincarnation manhua that is totally worth checking out is Mo Dao Zu Shi. This manhua tells the story of a strong man, Wei Wuxian, who for the sake of defeating the Wen clan, deviated from the normal path to which his people were sworn. As a result of his choosing a different path, he is killed.

After 13 years, he is summoned into the body of a man named Mo Xuanyu who is renounced by his clan. In this new body, he must solve a mystery… the mystery of an arm left in front of his summoner’s house. However, as he goes through the twists and turns of the search for the culprit, he meets an old enemy turned friend, Lan Wangji.

Together with Wangji, he continues his quest. On this adventure, he discovers a much deeper, hidden plot which threatens to reveal a deep, dark secret… including how he, Wei Wuxian was killed, and who the true source of his betrayal is.

9. Re:Monster by Kogitsune Kanekiru & Haruyoshi Kobayakawa


When Kanata Tomokui dies a tragic death, the world all over thinks the powerful man has met his fated end. However, in a reincarnation story like this, death is never the end. In this story, our main character, after his death is reborn into another world, as a goblin!

In this world however, despite retaining his memories from his last life, he is no where near as powerful as he once was. Instead, he is reincarnated as a Goburou, the weakest goblin in the universe. With time however, he discovers that his original abilities from his previous life as an Esper, are still with him. He has his absorption abilities and can gain strength and abilities from eating. This ability of his makes him an outlier goblin, making him unusually strong for a goblin of his nature.

With this power, he is intent on living his newfound life to the fullest, and possibly even rising to the top of his new reality. Re:Monster is definitely one of the best reincarnation manga out there currently.

8. I Was Reincarnated As The 7th Prince So I Can take My Time Perfecting My Magicals by Yosuke Kokuzawa

i was reincarnated as the 7th prince so i can take my time perfecting my magicals

This is yet another manga that is making the rounds as one of the new-gen story in the reincarnation genre. It tells the story of a magician who died and is reincarnated as a child… the 7th Prince of Saloom Kingdom, Prince Llyod.

Although he is merely 10 years old, he remembers his life as a magician, and prince or not, he decides to perfect his magical craft with the knowledge and time he has.

And this little kid is blessed with immense magic powers that allows him to cast any spell he wants, he is intelligent and observant enough to learn all the different kinds of magic, and he is curious enough that he will intentionally get hit by a magic attack just so he can experience how it feels. So yeah, this is a great manga to read if you love overpowered main characters!

7. I Am The Sorcerer King by Decaspell & MIRO

i am the sorcerer king

One of the hottest reincarnation manhwa that you should definitely check out is I Am The Sorcerer King. It tells the story of Lee Sunghoon, a weakling who helps his hunting party catch monsters by acting as bait. He does this with the hope of raising money to take care of his ailing mother. However, during one of his expeditions, he is hit by a monster and has a near death experience.

During this experience, he remembers that in his past life, he was The Sorcerer King, Kuratauras, who died facing the great Black Dragon. As his memories of his past life come flooding in, the powers and spells and the knowledge of the great sorcerer king return as well.

From this point on, he puts on an exceptional show of his magical abilities for all to see. With twists at every turn, I Am The Sorcerer King provides adventure, suspense and action, ranking it as one of the best reincarnation manhwa available.

6. So I’m A Spider, So What? by Okina Baba & Tsukasa Kiryuu

so i'm a spider so what

The reason why this manga makes it to the list of the best reincarnation manga is mainly because of its weird perspective on the reincarnation trope. It tells the story of a high school whose students die as a result of an explosion caused from the battle of two out-of-world entities that breaks into their reality.

After their death, they are reborn in another world as animals. Kumoko, the weakest person in her class, as well as the main protagonist, is reborn as a spider. In this new world, she faces extreme hardship and must constantly fight and develop herself into a strong being. She was forced to use spider webs and traps to kill all these strong beasts. Also, with everything that happens, her ability to adapt to her new reality as a spider makes it worthwhile and lesson filled.

5. Tales Of Demons And Gods by Mad Snail

tales of demons and gods

This manhua is in the topmost section of the best reincarnation manhua currently in existence! Nie Li, the strongest Demon Spiritist, who once stood at the top of the martial arts world, lost his life in a battle against the Sage Emperor and the Six Deity Ranked Beasts.

After his death, he is reincarnated in the body of his 13-year-old self, a time when he was the most vulnerable and had the lowest talent. However, he retains his memory of his previous life, the skills and cultivation abilities he had… and the memories of the friends he lost.

In this new incarnation, he uses his memories and his knowledge to grow strong in order protect what he has now, as well as attempt to gain back what he once lost, and also prepare for his inevitable battle against the Sage Emperor.

4. Youjo Senki by Carlo Zen & Chika Toujou

youjo senki

Youjo Senki, also known as The Saga of Tanya the Evil is about a Japanese atheist who comes across a being that calls itself God. After a stretch of interaction between them where the Japanese man defends his atheism, the being, called “Being X,” decides to reincarnate him in a world of such cruelty that he will have no choice but to turn to him for help.

The man is reincarnated as Tanya, a young girl in the equivalent of the First World War Germany. She is a soldier and must go consistently to the battlefield. However, determined not to call on this being, she decides to rise the ranks fast enough to prevent her from going to the battlefields anymore. Her skill and precision on the field, earns her the name “Devil of the Rhine,” but it also has far-reaching consequences on the empire at large.

3. The Beginning After The End by TurtleMe

the beginning after the end

This is probably one of the best reincarnation manhwa right now and it is without a doubt in contention for the best of the best. The Beginning After The End follows the life of an all-powerful king, King Grey. He rose to the throne and stands above all else in a world judged by martial arts abilities. However, despite being on top of the world, he is all alone, as he is feared and respected, but hardly loved.

After his death, allegedly from poison, he is reincarnated in another world as Arthur Leywin where he is loved immensely by his parents. Despite not being as powerful as he was before, he cherishes the memories he makes in this life, and is determined to make meaningful connections. However, the peace and stability of his new world is quickly threatened by an upcoming war, and he will have to decide where his loyalties lie!

2. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation by Rifujin na Magonote & Yuka Fujikawa

mushoku tensei: jobless reincarnation

This reincarnation manga tells the story of a young man who lives a jobless and pointless life up till his point of death. His only good deed is saving a child from an incoming vehicle, which claimed his life. However, after his death, he finds himself in a baby’s body with the memories of his previous life intact.

In this new world, Rudeus Greyrat meets magic and sorcery at every turn. Determined to come out better than he did in his previous incarnation, he becomes a student of magic, learning under Roxy Migurdia. With different twists and turns, Rudeus seeks to over come the failures of his previous life… the question is, will he succeed and live a meaningful life?

1. Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken by FUSE & Taiki Kawakami

tensei shitara slime datta ken

And the very first spot in our list of the best reincarnation manga goes to Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. It literally translates to That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, and it is one of the most popular stories right now!

This manga tells the story of a middle-aged salaryman, Satoru Mikami, who was murdered all of a sudden but he finds himself reincarnation into a new, fantasy world. Much to his dismay, he is born as a slime – the weakest creature in that world. But with the power of his ability known as “Predator,” which allows him to use the abilities of animals and magical energy he consumes, he quickly rises to power; and he even befriends a Storm Dragon who’s one of the strongest beings in the world.

Through twists and turns, Rimuru gains a ton of underlings and ends up establishing his very own nation where both humans and monsters can live in peace. But will the other denizens of the world make it easy for him to achieve his dreams?


So, that’s a wrap! That were some of the best manga series that you can read today if you are interested in the “reincarnated into another world” trope.

These may be some of the best series that I have read, but they are not all of them. Most of the isekai stories are also reincarnation stories, so pick anyone and you’d be good. But in this article, I tried to give you a list of the best reincarnation manga as well as manhwa and manhua that you may or may not have heard of but you should definitely read.

So, let me know which of these series you are about to start reading and make sure to drop your suggestion or feedback in the comments section below.

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