20 Best Manga Where MC is Reincarnated as a Different Species

The isekai genre has, without a doubt, taken over the world of manga for a very long time. Indeed you can find series from other genres that have become popular, but there has been a very palpable fluctuation of isekai titles nowadays.

This, of course, has made it difficult for people to find worthwhile series, especially considering that the isekai genre is capable of taking advantage of many sub-genres. One such sub-genre is when the main character dies and gets reincarnated as a different species in another world!

Things become more complicated when you consider that the isekai genre also tends to focus on something we know as tropes, which are patterns that can significantly influence the premise of any title. In this specific list, we want to focus on one particular trope – being reincarnated into another species. And this list cannot start without the title that is definitely the most popular one – That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime!

Best Manga Where MC is Reincarnated as a Different Species (2022)

1. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

that time i got reincarnated as a slime manga

This series is one that I would recommend to any reader that wants to get introduced to the isekai genre, mainly because it does many things right.

The series focuses on our main character as he is killed while trying to protect one of his coworkers. After his death, he is sent to another world and is reincarnated as another species; as the story begins, he is turned into a slime.

One would believe that that’s the end of the story, but it’s not. He befriends a legendary dragon that was considered a natural disaster in the past, and our MC will slowly evolve into a very powerful creature. The series is great because it introduces more than just fighting, with politics being an essential aspect of it. It also introduces many characters and a certain feeling of friendship between them, similar to the one you would get from series such as One Piece.

The series also has fascinating villains. These villains work from the shadows and try to influence the world surrounding the main character, whether he likes it or not, making so defeating them is not just a matter of crossing swords but finding the right way to go about it. At times, this can lead to things such as wars and conflicts between kingdoms.

2. Re:Monster

re:monster manga

Re:Monster is pretty similar to the first isekai title, but it does some things differently. For instance, the main character of this tale is reincarnated as a Goblin, which, along with slimes, tends to be considered among the weakest creatures in most fantasy worlds.

The difference with this one is that the main character has a unique ability, which consists of absorbing the skills of the things he eats, which he apparently inherited from his previous life. That provides almost infinite capabilities for growth, making him very strong.

We also have the setting. The main character was killed by one of his comrades, and now, as a low goblin, he will try to create a society for his race to thrive. The title has a lot of monologues where the main character, Rou, discusses with himself how to become stronger and talks about his many comrades and the future of his endeavors.

3. So I’m a Spider, So What?

so i'm a spider, so what manga

The great thing about this one is how rewarding it feels to read. The main character of this tale is a nameless high school student who is sent to another world and is reincarnated as a spider but finds herself trying to survive in a ruthless environment.

For instance, all her siblings are cannibals, so they eat themselves to survive. Next, she learns that she’s living inside a dungeon, one that is considered the toughest in the world, and she will do her best to improve all for the sake of escaping it. And the story does showcase several occasions where the main protagonist is pretty close to being killed, so it’s a great tale if you want a unique setting.

4. Reincarnated as a Dragon Hatchling

reincarnated as a dragon hatchling manga

The main character of this tale is reincarnated as an egg and tries to do their best to survive in a ruthless world. Just like many series you will read in this title, this one introduces the use of video game-like mechanics, such as stats and levels.

This one, similarly to Re:Monster, comes with many monologues as the main character tries to understand the world that surrounds him, strategizes how to survive, and slowly becomes the strongest dragon he can be.

5. Reincarnated as a Sword

reincarnated as a sword manga

After reading many isekai titles, you will notice that a lot of them involve the main characters dying in accidents (with many of them related to a truck) and then being reincarnated into another world. In the case of the protagonist of this title, he was reincarnated as a legendary sword!

This one title has two main protagonists. First, we have the sword, which had to spend its time waiting and waiting until Fran, a little and cute girl of the cat tribe, which was made a salve, finds it while she is being attacked by a terrifying two-headed bear and slays it. Now, Fran and the sword, which she calls “Master,” will travel together to experience many new things.

6. The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap

the reincarnated vampire wants an afternoon nap manga

There’s one trope we haven’t discussed yet, and it is a very popular one – trying to lead a peaceful life in another world. And in the case of this series, that is the central premise.

The series starts with a boy who only finds pleasure in doing things at his own pace. Said boy is reincarnated into another world as a member of the opposite gender and a vampire. Now, as a beautiful girl with silver-like hair and incredible powers, she will try her best to fulfill three things – to eat three times a day, to always have snacks available, and to be able to sleep whenever she wants.

Although the series itself does come with some fighting, the pacing is a lot more relaxing, and it does feature some comedy, so you might want to read this one if you want something a little bit more wholesome and chill.

7. Jaryuu Tensei

jaryuu tensei manga

This is another manga where the MC is reincarnated as a different species. The main character dies in a car accident and is reincarnated as an “evil” dragon that is extremely powerful.

This dragon wants to lead a peaceful life with a bunch of slimes he finds and decides to care for, but he will find himself dealing with many things, including a knight that will try to hunt him or adventurers being attacked by monsters that he will save out of the kindness of his heart, and a bunch of demons.

8. Spirit Migration

spirit migration manga

This one is particular since it involves being reincarnated into a spirit. This spirit eventually learns to possess other beings, including animals. Then slowly, it will possess even more things until it reaches a point where relating with others will be possible, and of course, it will try its best to achieve a life filled with adventure.

The spirit will take the form of many monsters and will try to save people as it does it, something that most adventures believe is impossible due to their nature. This manga is another peculiar tale, with action and art that reminds me of old-school manga. A refreshing read, so to speak!

9. Death Attribute Magician

death attribute magician manga

Hiroto has sadly led a life filled with misfortunes. He dies in an accident while being a high school student and is reincarnated into another world where he sadly was experimented on and pretty much tortured. After this life ends, he is sent to another world as a dhampir, a half-vampire.

Just for being born, his parents are being hunted, with both of them being cruelly assassinated. In this new life, god has cursed him to not allow him to grow stronger in the hopes of dying quickly just to end his suffering, but out of spite for the people that murdered his mother and wanted to resurrect her, he learns “death” magic. Having an absurd amount of mana, he’s capable of achieving many things.

What a lot of people might find weird about this one is that it can be rather comical even during its serious events, mainly because of the main character’s appearance – that of a little child. Even then, it is quite an enjoyable read!

10. So What’s Wrong with Getting Reborn as a Goblin?

so what's wrong with getting reborn as a goblin manga

Another traffic accident causes our main character to be reincarnated into another world as a different species. This time, the main character is reincarnated as a goblin. Goblins appear to have short life spans, but the main character has a skill that allows him to live for 80 years.

One day, he meets with an injured demon lord that is about to die. He inherits one of his skills known as the “Law of the Jungle,” which allows him to subdue anyone who he manages to defeat to the point of making betrayal and disobedience impossible. Thus, his life in this new world begins.

11. Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon

reborn as a vending machine, i now wander the dungeon manga

This one is definitely peculiar! As the title implies, the main character of this one title is reincarnated as a vending machine. Yeah, the ones with drinks or snacks. I don’t know what else to tell you.

I can only recommend it if you really, really want to read something out of the ordinary. Of course, like many other series, it also has cute girls, videogame-like features, and adventure. It can be an interesting read if you want something peculiar with comedy in it. I honestly consider it a meme title, so feel free to give it a chance!

12. Reincarnated in Weeds: Carefully Raised in the Elf Village

reincarnated in weeds: carefully raised in the elf village manga

Another pretty weird one; this time, the main character is reincarnated as a weed. As a weed with an ego, a mind, and a will of its own, the character just does their best to live. There are status screens and stats as well as skills.

The main character manages to meet and befriend an elf girl who can listen to the voice of plants. Thus, she does her best to raise the main character. As the elf faces many challenges, including being persecuted, the main character will also try to protect them.

13. Der Werwolf: The Annals of Veight

der werwolf: the annals of veight manga

The main character of this manga title is reincarnated as a werewolf. He is also in charge of a group meant to take control of a small town. However, as he was a human before, he wants to make things work for both humans and werewolves. Understanding the two sides, he will try his best to create a place where the two can coexist peacefully, even if it takes a little bit of rough guidance.

This can be a pretty interesting read for those wanting something more linked to the struggles between species. Sadly, it doesn’t have as many characters, but this can be an excellent read for beginners in the world of manga!

14. I Was Reincarnated As A Hot Spring In An Alternate World, And I’m Way Too Effective

i was reincarnated as a hot spring in an alternate world and i'm way too effective manga

This is another peculiar title in the list of the best manga where MC is reincarnated as a different species. This time, the main character is reincarnated as a hot spring bath. If you like fan service and beautiful girls, this is the title for you since the main character, a hot spring, has healing properties that cannot be found anywhere. Thus, many beautiful women visit it to heal their fatigue and recover from wounds.

This manga does not censure certain things (like breasts!) so keep that in mind if you read it! And if you didn’t already gather, this is one of the ecchi manga titles, so better to read it when you are alone!

15. The Legend of Rebuilding World Realist Demon King

the legend of rebuilding world realist demon king manga

Some titles of the isekai genre will focus on one particular trope involving being reincarnated as a demon king, or demon lord. This title is the first on the list focusing on this particular trope, as the main character is reincarnated as a demon lord.

However, there’s one particular tendency among villains that pretty much leads them to fail – waiting for the heroes to become strong enough to defeat them. So the main character of this tale decides to do the contrary and be a little more realistic, doing things such as targetting the heroes while they try to become stronger or ruin the economy of other countries, thus, becoming one of the strongest and most revered demon lords.

This is a unique and comical title, and without a doubt, a fantastic read if you want to see the perspective of someone that could be considered a villain.

16. Her Majesty’s Swarm

her majesty's swarm manga

As mentioned earlier, many isekai titles have a video game trope where characters share classes, stats, and levels. In the case of this manga series, it focuses on a strategy game, and the main character is reincarnated in it.

This game features several races, each one of them having a specialty. The main character used to play the Arachnea race, an insect-based race often referred to be evil. And now, as the majesty of the Arachnea, she will do her best to fulfill the race’s wish – take over the world. If you want to read a series with a similar vibe to that of Overlord, this one is definitely one you should read!

17. Plant Monster Girl Diary

plant monster girl diary manga

This one introduces a female main character, a saint who was betrayed by her comrades, one of them being no other than her fiance. While she dies, she remembers her past life as a Japanese high school student.

She is killed by a plant-based creature, but instead of dying, she reincarnates as the creature, turning into an Alraune, a creature half-human half-plant. Now, living as such a creature, she leads a peaceful life enjoying the sun, but often she will have to deal with things interfering with her sun-bathing time.

18. Maou ni Natta node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume to Honobono suru

maou ni natta node, dungeon tsukutte jingai musume to honobono suru manga

This is another series where the main character plays the role of a demon lord. However, this time, Yuki, the main character of this title, will have fun trying to develop his dungeon where monsters and creatures coexist.

This title has, like other titles, video game features, including menus, stats, and even a store where Yuki can buy stuff, including things from his previous world, like bread or bacon. And, of course, the series will slowly introduce many characters, including a couple of beautiful girls, like a vampire and a dragon.

This one can be an interesting read if you want to enjoy the development of a character, its creation, and its relationship with other characters.

19. It’s That Reincarnated-as-a-Virus Story

it's that reincarnated-as-a-virus manga

This manga series is interesting and has a very unique premise – its main character was reincarnated as a virus. This virus is capable of becoming stronger as its spreads, gaining skills, experience, and more bodies to control.

The virus starts in a rat and then slowly spreads to more creatures, including a wolf that tries to eat the first host. As a human in his previous life who used to be recluded, he decides to help a young girl adventurer as she fights goblins. Thus, although being a fatal virus, the main character will become closer to humans and become stronger as the series goes on.

20. I’m a Behemoth, an S-Ranked Monster, but Mistaken for a Cat, I Live as an Elf Girl’s Pet

i'm a behemoth, an s-ranked monster, but mistaken for a cat, i live as an elf girl's pet manga

Though we haven’t mentioned it in this title as much, there is one type of ranking system which is heavily used in many isekai titles. S, A, B, C, and D, are the letters that can decide how good something is, and in this title, the main character, a guy who once was a knight, is reincarnated into an S-Rank monster, a Behemoth.

However, things don’t end as simply as that, as this “behemoth” is still an infant and looks similar to a cat. Aria, an elven girl who goes to the dungeon to complete a quest, finds the main character as he was injured trying to survive after being reincarnated. Not knowing what a behemoth looks like, the elven girl decides to save it, thinking it is a cat. Now, as Aria has become his lifesaver, his pride as a knight tells him to do his best to protect her and fulfill his duty as her guardian.

If you want to read a title with a very beautiful female protagonist and a unique main character, this one is definitely for you as Aria is among the pretties characters you can find on this list!


As you might have guessed already, many isekai titles have many things in common, including features very similar to what you will find in a game or reincarnations that are caused due to incidents. However, their premises differentiate them from one another, as well as the primary goal of each character.

One of the reasons why the first title of the series, That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime, is the first title we recommend is because it is the one I believe is the most complete since its story does progress quite nicely and introduces many characters, each one having a peculiarity and personality that differentiates them from the others. It is also the one with the most characters, I believe, and thus has the most content for you to enjoy.

Sadly, as you go through this list of the best manga where MC is reincarnated as a different species, you’ll notice that many of the titles shown have very few chapters. This is a prevalent trait in many isekai titles, but it should not stop you from giving them a good read. Enjoying these titles should be perceived as exploring what the genre offers, so make sure to give the ones that catch your interest a chance!

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