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11 Best Cultivation Manhua, Manga & Manhwa To Read In 2022

There are a couple of great cultivation manhua out there that you must have definitely read, because that’s the whole reason why you are looking for similar titles to binge-read! I got you covered with this article as I have listed down not only the best manhua, but also the best cultivation manga and manhwa that you might want to check out.

With cultivation stories, there’s one thing that really bugs me – almost all of them are exactly alike. And I am going to say it in the beginning, some of the titles mentioned in this article might seem similar but you should most definitely give them all a try because they are just amazing to read.

To help you with your reading journey, I have created a complete list of the best cultivation manga, manhua as well as manhwa featuring badass main characters and a ton of awesome supporting characters. Also the plot of these stories are great and the art is just legendary. So, don’t let me waste any more your time, let’s just have a look at all the amazing cultivation stories to pick up this year!

Best Cultivation Manhua, Manga & Manhwa (2022)

11. Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

rebirth of the urban immortal cultivator

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator easily makes the list as one of the best cultivation manhua out there. The story tells the tale of a man who had risen once before to the pinnacle of power in the Sects after cultivating for 500 years under one of the nine celestial sects, the True Martial Immortal Sect.

Chen Fan, the main protagonist failed the final tribulation of the heavens, despite being the disciple of the Immortal Cultivator, the Sect’s Grand elder as well as being rumored to be the next most likely cultivator to cross into the realm of immortals.

After failing the final test, he finds himself born in a younger body, having the memories and abilities of his previous life. As such, he must now go through life as a cultivator again and find out why he was unable to transcend the final tribulation in his last incarnation to enter the realm of the immortals. Through a series of fights for what he loves as well as against those that dislike him, his perspective on life has to mature more than before. But the question remains, will he be able to transcend the same cultivation he failed after 500 years of training?

10. Apotheosis


Apotheosis is another great manhua that is absolutely worthy to be considered as one of the best cultivation manhua right now!

It follows the story of Luo Zheng who is charged with the task of rescuing his sister. As he ventures on a journey of discovery, his fate gets almost sealed when he becomes a slave, despite being born to a wealthy family.

With his father’s ancient book of martial art secrets, he rises to power again and gains experience using a secret divine technique. Despite the numerous foes he faces on the battle field, he uses his creativity and immense power to keep on rising to the top of the society, all for the sake of saving his sister. Packed with both action and adventure, Apotheosis is definitely a new generation manhua worth checking out.

9. The Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation

the grandmaster of demonic cultivation

The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, or Mo Dai Zu Shi, is another that has promised and fulfilled the job of giving quality content in both action, adventure, and life lessons.

This cultivation manhua follows the story of Wei WuXian, a man rumored to have founded the demonic sect in his previous incarnation. However, because of the chaos in the world which resulted from his action, the other tribes ganged up and had him killed.

He is reincarnated into the body of a lunatic, Mo Xuanyu, who is renounced by his clan. When Mo Xuanyu is taken by Wei WuXian’s sworn enemy, Lan WangJi, the gates are opened to a series of adventures in which Wei has to fight ghosts, demons, and even other cultivators.

Although he must lead a new life and finds himself engaging in battles with monsters all the time, he finds joy in it and is able to even raise children. If you are a fan of cultivation manga series and are interested in the adventure and love trope, this is an amazing title to begin with!

8. Spirit Blade Mountain

spirit blade mountain

Spirit Blade Mountain is a Chinese story about a young cultivator named Lu Wang and makes up for a very good start for those who love to read stories with a love for action.

Although there are many great characters like Feng Vin, one of the Seven Elders of the Ten Thousand Celestial Alliance, whose cultivation is so strong that it can shake the world, the story focuses more on the life of the young and upcoming but heavily talented Lu Wang.

With his friend, the erratic Wang Wu, Lu Wang must face the tests and preparations on his journey to becoming an expert cultivator. Spirit Blade Mountain provides a solid blend of action, humor, life lessons, and adventure, and will no doubt keep you watching! Easily, it is one of the best cultivation manhua out there.

7. Soul Land

soul land

Next on the list of the must read cultivation manga series is Soul Land, also known as Douluo Dalu. This title stole the hearts of the people with the story of Tang San.

Originally born as a member of the Tang Sect, he committed the grave offence of stealing the most secret art of the sect. As a result, despite being the most talented member of the sect, and the only person who had been able to master some of the most difficult secrets of the sect, he was ostracized from his community.

Reborn on earth, he retains his memory and cultivation abilities from his previous life, however he is born with a supposedly weak spirit (the Blue Silver grass). Despite being called a useless spirit, Tang San is determined to rise above the ordinary. How will he do it with such a weak spirit?

He attempts to do this, retaining some of his knowledge from his previous life as a master of the secret teachings of the Tang. Using this knowledge and the skills he gets from his new Masters as well as his friends, he soon shows great potential as one of the few strongest disciples and is taken on by a great master.

6. Reborn As A Scholar

reborn as a scholar

The first endearing thing about Reborn As A Scholar is the suspense in the plot! Each new arc leaves the reader guessing what the main character is going to do. Weaving this suspense into an action packed story of redemption, this series is a cultivation manhua totally worth reading.

It tells the story of a strong martial artist who was murdered in battle by a priest’s suicide attack. He died and later reincarnated as a normal human to a local lord.

In this past life, he used to be one of the most powerful martial artists in the kingdom, but in his new incarnation, he must learn to protect his younger sister, his family and the new life he’s been blessed with. If you are a fan of the family trope, this is a series that you should definitely check out!

5. The Legend Of The Northern Blade

the legend of the northern blade

If you’re a lover of adventure, fiction, and action series, then this is literally the best manhwa you can read at the moment!

After the death of his father, Ji Kan Wo, Jin Mu Won goes into hiding to develop himself. At a young age, he was considered unfit to be master of the Northern Heavenly Sect because he did not know martial arts. However, after the Central Heavenly Alliance killed his father, his sect was thought to be eradicated.

While posing as a blacksmith, he learns the secret martial arts of his defunct sect, and fought toe-to-toe with the Demon of Chaos, Tae Mu-kang, before disappearing again. He decides to go into seclusion to train himself in order to master the fighting techniques left behind by his predecessors.

However, he stops his training when the only person close to him suddenly gets into trouble and he has to come to the mainland to find out what exactly happened! But the mainland is filled with people from his past, the very same people who betrayed his father and his sect!

4. Battle Through The Heavens

battle through the heavens

As the name implies, Battle Through The Heavens is an action packed cultivation manhua that tells the story of Xiao Yan. Due to the absorbent powers of a ring he was given by his mother before her death, Xiao Yan cannot rise beyond a certain Dou. His case is peculiar because he was once hailed as a genius child!

Determined to be recognized, he goes into secret training, and set out to defeat an enemy he saw as the pinnacle of power – Nalan Yanran. However, during his training and after his fight with Nalan, Xiao sets his eyes on an even greater goal – the highest battle rank, Dou Di.

To reach Dou Di, he would not only have to defeat a host of people, but also rise in abilities through continuous training.

3. Martial Peak

martial peak

Martial Peak is an amazing cultivation manhua that tells the story of Yang Kai. If you are a sucker for the grass to grace story, this is a must read series for you!

Yang Kai is born as a lowly sweeper in a world where power is everything. Despite the cravings for power of everyone, the trainers at Sky Tower do not make the journey easy. The Ling Xiao Sect’s martial art ways remain closed to Yang Kai and leave him defenseless and helpless against the bullies in his class until he comes across a small, wordless “black book.”

With the strength of the black book, Yang Lai joins the race for Martial Peak, hoping to defeat Sky Tower’s numerous tests and become a peak martial artist.

2. Nano Machine

nano machine

Life changes very quickly for a powerless predecessor when he gets a visit from his descendant from the future. Cheon Yeo Woon is gifted with a “nano machine” by his descendant but does not know what to expect from the implant. However, his life changes very quickly.

With the abilities of the nano-machine, he rises quickly through the ranks of martial artists, rivaling even the strongest characters in the world and becomes a great cultivator by stumbling through the demonic cult. Eventually, he finds a seal that houses ancient and strong demons, belonging to his father. Cheon decides to bust the seal, but would he be able to take care of the demons contained within?

1. Tales Of Demons And Gods

tales of demons and gods

Tales and Demons and Gods is one of the most popular cultivation manhua at the moment, with the main character being Nie Li, a member of the Heavenly Marks family. He used to be one of the strongest Demon Spiritist, but he lost his life during a battle with the Sage Emperor and Six Deity Ranked Beasts.

However, that wasn’t the end because he found himself reincarnated into his 13-year-old self. As a child, he was the one with the lowest talent, but now he is armed with all the knowledge from his previous life so getting stronger isn’t that much of an issue for him.

Using his knowledge of his past life, he hopes to prevent the calamity from repeating itself, and to protect his friends and family from being wiped out a second time, all the while preparing for his ultimate battle with the Sage Emperor and his forces!

What’s Your Favorite Cultivation Manga & Manhua?

This brings us to the end of our recommendations for the best cultivation manga, manhua and manhwa that you should definitely consider reading if you are a fan of the genre.

Before I conclude the list, I want to tell that these are only a few of the cultivation manhua; there are still a plethora of titles that I haven’t read so I didn’t add them to the list. If you are a long-time fan of the genre, then make sure to drop your suggestions so that I can check out some new titles and perhaps add them here in the next update!

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