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43 Best Anime Girls with Pink Hair (2022 Edition)

Anime has set the tradition of having the most unusual hair colors from neon greens and blues to rosy pinks and orange hues. In fact, anime characters stand out more when they have some of the regular colors, like black or blonde!

Conventionally, pink-haired female characters have only depicted kawaii culture.

However, the anime universe keeps on updating its themes and characters to emergent ideas and modern standards. Therefore, recent decades have introduced not only beautiful and alluring but also headstrong and powerful anime girls with pink hair.

They are no longer timid, looking only for a male lead to fix their lives. Instead, they have their own life goals, aspirations as well as struggles.

In fact, some have grown wise enough to even guide other male protagonists.

However, nearly every anime has at least one pink-haired anime girl. So, it’s only fair to compile a list of our favorite female anime characters with pink hair!

Best Anime Girls with Pink Hair (2022)

43. Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki)

yuno gasai

Apparently, Yuno Gasai seems like a model high-school student. She has striking pink eyes matching her long pink hair fashioned into pigtails, with thick hair locks dangling her forehead. This gives her a captivating yet innocent appearance.

However, Yuno is a psychopath obsessed with her high school crush – Yukiteru Amano. Her wish to go stargazing with Yukiteru drives her to the point of becoming a Yandere.

So, she can do just about anything to protect Yukiteru or to seek his attention.

Nevertheless, she presents a unique combination of sweet manners and bitter ruthlessness. Thereby, making her one of the most famous pink-haired anime girls!

42. Lucy (Elfen Lied)


Lucy, aka Kaede, is a Diclonius female – a mutated species. Therefore, she has horns along with invisible arm-like extensions called ‘Vectors’ originating from her back.

Her peculiar appearance caused several kids to bully her throughout her childhood. Unfortunately, that drove Lucy to retaliate and reach the edge of insanity. And so, she ended up hurting others, eventually developing a dual personality named – Nyu.

Despite her harsh experiences, Lucy yearns to improve herself for her childhood love – Kouta.

She even chops off her beautiful curtain of cherry blossom hair to resemble Kouta’s sister Kanae – the girl Lucy had murdered in one of her rampages.

41. Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown)

inori yuzuriha

Inori Yuzuriha has pale pink hair with a hot-pink ombre which she styles into tube-bound loose pigtails. She also wears a red clip matching her large red eyes.

Befitting her bewitching looks, Inori has a melodious voice. And so, it is hardly surprising that she is the lead vocalist for the most sensational band – “Egoist.” In fact, as the vessel of Mana, Inori can even produce healing notes and delay symptoms of the chimeric virus.

However, Inori seems shy and gentle at first. So, it comes as a shock that she is adept in hand-to-hand combat and is also a critical member of the Funeral Parlor – a resistance group.

40. Meredy (Fairy Tail)


Initially, Meredy is introduced as a small-statured mage with a pink bob and bright green eyes. Later, Meredy grows into a tall but curvaceous woman with waist-length hair.

Even her eyes matured into smoldering red irises.

Looks aside, Meredy is a rare mage with Sensory Link Magic. Therefore, she can not only merge the senses with others but can also create powerful attacks by fusing her strength with others.

This is precisely why she could become a part of Grimoire Heart as well as the Seven Kin of Purgatory. Also, she left her guild only to co-found Crime Sorciere – an independent guild.

39. Rumiho Akiha (Steins;Gate)

rumiho akiha

Rumiho Akiha, aka Faris NyanNyan or Feyris, is both the owner and the part-time employee at the Maid Cafe or ‘MayQueen NyanNyan.’

She has thulian pink eyes matching her pink waist-length hair which she styles into twin tails. She habitually adds the Japanese word “Nya” (meaning “Meow”) to her speech. This boosts her meow-ness or, more precisely cuteness.

Despite her endearing appearance, Rumiho can read people’s hearts and intentions by simply staring into their eyes. She calls this ability “Cheshire Break.”

Even so, Rumiho doesn’t judge people and accepts them the way they are.

38. Morgiana (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)


Morgiana is a pure-blood Fanalis girl as well as a former slave of Jamil. She ties her fuchsia hair in a loose lateral ponytail with square bangs enveloping her face and further highlighting her striking feminine features.

Though she appears tame and unassertive; but like all other Fanalis, Morigiana is a total badass who possesses extraordinary strength and sensory skills. She can temporarily lend and store powers from Amon – Alibaba’s Djinn.

Besides, she can also orchestrate battle cries to scare monsters twice her size. Later, she trains herself to even map her surroundings through echolocation.

Despite her abilities, Morigiana strives to improve her skills and is currently Masrur’s protégé.

37. Momo Belia Deviluke (To LOVE-Ru)

momo belia deviluke

Momo Belia Deviluke is Nana’s twin and Lala Satalin Deviluke’s younger sister. She is the third as well as the youngest princess Planet Deviluke.

Momo has violet eyes against her taffy-pink frizzy bob, giving her innocent charms.

Ironically, despite her looks, Momo has a twisted and perverted personality. For instance, she straightened her hair only to appear mature and appealing to seduce her sister’s fiancé – Rito.

Momo herself claims she has an “Evil Side.” In her evil mode, Momo gains superhuman strength and tremendous bloodlust, making her extremely dangerous to handle.

Interestingly, Momo can communicate and even summon alien plants.

36. Mina Ashido (My Hero Academia)

mina ashido

Mina Ashido, aka “Pinky,” is a teenage heroine with a humanoid appearance. Though she is an expert and agile fighter, her dancing skills are second to none.

Her quirk permits her to produce acid as well as manipulate its viscosity. Therefore, Ashido can create acid attacks, shields, barriers, and even acid holes in walls to climb them.

Unfortunately, her acid also affects her skin pigmentation, giving her a strange pinkish complexion. However, it fits with her fluffy pink shags as well as her lively personality.

It also highlights her coal-black eyes with yellow irises.

35. Sakura Haruno (Naruto Shippuden)

sakura haruno

For decades, Sakura was considered the female lead designed for Naruto.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen!

But, as a member of Team 7, Sakura endured a seemingly endless journey of self-doubt, pain, and heartbreak. She also bore the traumatic effects of her teammates clashing and eventually falling apart.

However, her biggest struggle came from her loss of self-esteem.

Therefore, she trained harder than anyone, learning both healing and destructive skills. Finally, true to her name, she blossomed into a remarkable Kunoichi essentially surpassing her master Tsunade – Hokage of the time – and became one of the strongest characters in Naruto verse!

Being part of the Naturo-verse, Sakura may be the most famous anime girls with pink hair. Her cherry blossom hair against her fair complexion and green ocean-like eyes make her appear delightful.

34. Moka Akashiya (Rosario to Vampire)

moka akashiya

Moka Akashiya is a vampire with a dual personality. In her regular days, Moko has a calm human-like personality with hot pink long hair fashioned into a stunning side sweep.

Meanwhile, her alter ego, or the “Monster Moko” is a sadistic, violent, and unpredictable vampire. While Monster Moko also wears her hair in side-swept bangs, but her hair appears lilac instead of pink. Furthermore, regular Moko has warm green eyes which get replaced with cold red in her cruel form.

Anyways, Moko is also the first person to come across Tsukune Aono – a human student. At first, she only hangs around Tsukune because she likes the taste of his blood.

Later, she starts preferring Tsukune’s company over others, gradually showing hints of love.

33. Kofuku (Noragami)


Kofuku, aka “The Goddess of Poverty,” is a supporting lead in Noragami. She brings misfortune and destruction to anyone that spends some time with her. In fact, several people scorn her and don’t visit her temple.

Still, contrasting to her infamy, Kofuku has quite a sweet and bubbly personality.

Besides, her puffy pink hair and large purple eyes make her appear delightful, instead of an upsetting sight. Furthermore, her innocent features and petite figure give her youthful and harmless looks.

32. Megumi Shimizu (Shiki)

megumi shimizu

Shiki shows the darkest and, perhaps, the scariest sides of the struggles related to a human-vampire society. In fact, if anything adds a little brightness to this series, it’s Megumi Shimizu and her pink ponytails.

Megumi has model height with a perfect hourglass figure. Her fair but slightly pale complexion is highlighted by her strawberry blond long hair. She wears them in two high ponytails with bangs to shape her face.

As a typical teen, she complains a lot and talks endlessly about her dreams, mansions, restaurants, and her crush – Natsuno Yuuki.

31. Ikaros (Sora no Otoshimono)


Ikaros is an Angeloid that fell through a portal on the earth. However, she was rescued by a human – Tomoki. Consequently, she ended up imprinting on him and now aims to make his every wish come true.

She eventually falls in love with Tomoki – her so-called ‘master.’ Therefore, she turns extremely violent whenever it comes to Tomoki’s safety.

This highly contradicts her usually calm and angelic personality.

Besides, Ikaros looks rather innocent with her emerald eyes against her long pink hair styled into twin pigtails. In fact, her wings only highlight her curvaceous stature, taking away her threatening stance.

Even so, Ikaros has the ability to create shields, fire explosive arrows as well as teleport to new places, and even absorb powers from other objects.

30. Anemone (Eureka Seven)


Anemone is an artificial Humanoid Coralian as well as a soldier of the United Federation, conditioned to pilot Nirvash typeTheEND. She was biologically modified to become more like Coralians, and so her eyes resemble those of Eureka’s.

However, the experiments damaged part of her brain!

Consequently, Anemone suffers routine headaches, nosebleeds, and emotional instability. This also explains her fragile temper as well as her blood lusty rampages.

But, she more than makes up for her lack of interpersonal skills on the battlefield.

Killing aside, Anemone is a beautiful creature with straight pink hair contrasting her purple deep-set eyes. Ironically, her struggles fixate on being loved and being able to reciprocate emotions as all humans do.

29. Meroune Lorelei (Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou)


Meroune Lorelei, aka Mero, is a wheelchair-bound Mermaid and the fifth girl to move in with Kimihito. As a mermaid, Mero has an enticing fishtail with fuchsia and golden scales.

She frequently adorns her long salmon pink straight hair with seashells and other jewels.

While her attire is long and modest in public, she deliberately does nothing to hide her well-endowed body at home. At one point, she even used this tactic to seduce Kimihito.

Despite her sly demeanor, Mero’s eloquence and social skills clearly hint at her regal heritage. Later, she grows friendly and sincere even to her rivals.

28. Jibril (No Game No Life)


Jibril, aka the Exceptional Unit, is the youngest as well as the most powerful Flugel. She is also immortal and immune to all kinds of diseases and toxins. Since she was granted the gift of “Imperfection,” she keeps challenging the norm and growing further.

Even in Disboard, Jibril was ranked 6th most powerful being. She is also an extremely soft-spoken and well-versed angel.

Befitting her Angelic origins, Jibril is an extremely attractive female with a buxom body. Her fuchsia long hair has a greenish-golden tinge contrasting her gold-bound smoldering purple irises.

Her angelic wings further highlight her bare midriff, adding to her alluring beauty. However, she yearns for even more knowledge and grace.

27. Mamika Kirameki (Re:Creators)

mamika kirameki

Mamika Kirameki, aka Magical Slayer Mamika, is the heroine of Re:Creators. She fights almost constantly to protect the power of smiles falling into Akumarin’s hands.

She can fly and cast several magical ribbon spells including magical explosions and bars.

Her blush pink hair is cut into layers with choppy bangs covering her forehead. She often ties these into two ponytails using pearly strings. This, along with her purple deep-set eyes, bodes well with her charismatic and cheery personality.

She is also extremely gentle and caring. In fact, she frequently withholds her attacks to avoid causing damage to others.

26. Nonko Arahabaki (Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san)

nonko arahabaki

Nonko Arahabaki is a voluptuous woman with messy pink hair and stark green eyes. She is often regarded as the friendliest and the most easy-going resident from Yuragi Inn.

Being an Ogre, Nonko can achieve an Oni form as well as a spiritual form.

In her Oni Form, Nonko grows a massive horn on her forehead while her skin and hair pigmentation vary accordingly. She gains superhuman strength and speed and she can also throw a beam through her horn.

However, in her spiritual form, Nonko becomes almost invincible.

25. Perona (One Piece)


Perona is a former commander of the Wild Zombies and Surprise Zombies who ate Horo Horo no Mi fruit that permits her to create and manipulate ghosts. These ghosts can drain motivation as well as self-esteem from anyone.

After the fall of Gecko Moria, she takes residence in Kuraigana Island under another Sealord – Dracule Mihawk. Later, she encounters and begrudgingly cooperates with Roronoa Zoro.

Despite her powers, Perona has a rather childish and immature personality. Besides, her enormous round eyes with her curly pink ponytails give her an exceptional doll-like appearance.

24. Kaname Madoka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

kaname madoka

Madoka is a kind and caring person with refined manners. In fact, she is so polite that people take advantage of her by manipulating her desire to help others.

Her pastel pink irises match well with her pink twin ponytails and choppy bangs.

Initially, she appears to lack self-esteem but she later encounters a cat-like magical creature, Kyubey, who sees her potential and offers her a chance to become a magical girl.

Madoka weighs all pros and cons but ends up becoming a magical creature just to help others. However, this transformation also boosts her confidence along with her powers.

23. Mei Hatsume (My Hero Academia)

mei hatsume

Mei Hatsume is a student in the Department of Support at U.A. High School. Her Quirk allows her to focus and zoom on any object up to about 5km away.

Hatsume has greenish-yellow eyes against her salmon pink shoulder-length dreadlocks. This further accents her mature figure and youthful appearance.

Though Hatsume deeply cares for her comrades, she is often perceived as a shameless and manipulative creep with no regard for personal space.

However, this is only because Hatsume is a prolific and dedicated inventor. In fact, she is so invested in her inventions and gadgets that she appears to have little to no care for her peers.

22. Lala Satalin Deviluke (To LOVE-Ru)

lala satalin deviluke

Lala Satalin Deviluke is the crown princess of Planet Deviluke. Her bubblegum pink but flowy sheet of hair beautifully contrasts her garnet green eyes.

This kind of makes her the poster girl for all the pink-haired anime girls.

Despite her comely features, Lala is an extremely powerful and intelligent woman. She possesses superhuman strength, speed as well as great swordsmanship. She is also a distinguished inventor who creates several new and useful objects throughout the series.

Her story begins when Lala ends up on Earth in a desperate attempt to escape all her proposed marriage suitors. However, she accidentally lands in Rito Yuuki’s bathtub.

At first, she only pretends to love Rito to avoid marriage, but she eventually falls in love.

21. Aries (Fairy Tail)


Aries, aka “the White Lamb,” is a Celestial Spirit and one of the twelve Golden Zodiac Keys. Her own key is currently in Lucy Heartfilia’s possession.

Despite being a ghost, Aries appears as a beautiful and stimulating young woman with shoulder-length pink hair and caramel eyes. She also has a set of twisted lamb-like horns on her head.

Since she is immortal, one can even claim she is an evergreen beauty.

Her wool magic allows her to cast and manipulate wool. This may be used to distract, entrap or even destroy her opponents.

Surprisingly, she is not only an expert in magic but also hand-to-hand combat.

20. Reiju Vinsmoke (One Piece)

reiju vinsmoke

Reiju Vinsmoke, aka “Poison Pink,” is the only daughter as well as the eldest child of the Vinsmoke family. Therefore, she is not only Sanji’s elder sister but also the Princess of the Germa Kingdom.

Like her siblings, Reiju also possesses distinctive curly eyebrows.

However, Reiju’s hot pink bangs amplify her dainty feminine features. Furthermore, her sapphire eyes and funky attires accentuate her hourglass figure.

Despite her ethereal beauty, she too possesses monstrous strength and agility. Also, she has genetically modified herself enough to endure the deadliest of poisons. And so, she has rightfully earned the rank of Commander in Germa 66 military!

19. Yui (Angel Beats!)


Yui has deep magenta eyes and angelic features. She styles her long pink hair in two bunches of twin-tails and twin strands, held together by cross-shaped French barrettes. This bodes well with her lively and hyperactive personality.

Honestly, Yui can be featured as the representative of anime Kawaii culture.

Anyways, Yui was once a die-hard fan of the band – the “Girls Dead Monster.” Initially, she worked as their publicity worker but after Iwakasa’s disappearance, she joined them as their lead vocalist.

Yui admits that she lacks combat skills and prowess. However, she voluntarily takes on the role of distraction using her surreal voice, thereby, playing an essential role in all the Shinda Sekai Sensen (SSS) missions.

18. Saya Takagi (Highschool of the Dead)

saya takagi

Saya Takagi is a short but well-endowed teenager. She ties her long pink hair in twin ponytails with asymmetrical bangs dangling across her forehead.

So, her glasses only make her look like a model student with gentle manners.

However, Takagi is anything but polite.

In fact, she is both mannerless and unapologetic. She frequently ignores people and says the harshest things possible. However, it is only because she cares for others and doesn’t like showing her weaknesses.

Anyways, she has shown exceptional intelligent planning, essentially proving herself as the “brains” of Takashi’s group. While she avoided several fights, later she used several weapons to help others survive.

17. Ritsu (Assassination Classroom)


Ritsu, aka Autonomously Intelligent Fixed Artillery, is the first of the two transfer students from class 3-E. She is technically genderless as she was originally a rectangular encased robot with artificial intelligence.

However, Koro-sensei reformed her giving her the final appearance of a female with long pink hair and lilac eyes. Her outfits change according to her surroundings and circumstances.

Since Ritsu was created to assassinate Koro-sensei, therefore, it is hardly surprising that she can access and use several kinds of weapons. In fact, she was often captured using a gun during class.

As the story progresses, Ritsu shows signs of empathy and cheerfulness.

16. Kuro Usagi (Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?)

kuro usagi

Kuro Usagi or “Black Rabbit” is a Moon Rabbit as well as an Aristocrat of Little Garden. She is also a member of the No-Names and is responsible for summoning the Problem Children.

Apt to her name, Kuro has bunny ears atop her long blue hair and contrasting red eyes. However, her hair turns bright pink in her powerful form or whenever she experiences some heightened emotion.

Despite her plump appearance and jolly personality, Kuro possesses monstrous strength.

She normally wields “Spear of Indra” – a powerful legendary weapon that can manipulate lightning. Besides, she has also shown enormous leg strength and speed that even matches Izayoi.

15. Rika Shinozaki (Sword Art Online)

rika shinozaki

Rika Shinozaki, aka Lisbeth, is a fierce and loyal supporting character from the Sword Art Online franchise. Since she is a phenomenal Blacksmith, Lisbeth shatters several stereotypes associated with female characters.

She opened her first shop in Lindroth but later established another shop in Yggdrasil City.

Her attire and appearance seem more like a waitress than any of the weapon-creators. Besides, she transforms into a more endearing character after coloring her brown hair into fluffy pink and adorning these with white pins.

However, her looks match her bubbly and friendly persona.

14. Euphemia li Britannia (Code Geass)

euphemia li britannia

Euphemia li Britannia, aka Princess Massacre, is the third princess of the Britannian Imperial Family. She is, therefore, a half-sister of both Lelouch and Nunnally vi Britannia.

Though Euphemia was the Sub-Viceroy of Area 11, she hated this role as she abhorred all kinds of violence.

Still, she held a soft corner for both Lelouch and her elder sister – Cornelia.

As befitting her kind soul, Euphemia was created to embody beauty. Her waist-long pink hair contrasting her Jasper violet eyes and slender tall figure make her appear extraordinarily attractive.

Besides, she frequently ties her hair in partial buns to appear even more regal.

13. Ram (Re: Zero)


Ram is one of the twin maids working for Margrave Roswaak. At first, Ram played a rather neutral role, seeming almost sardonic and self-centered. As the story progressed, Ram appeared as a protecting sister, affectionate friend, and moral guide.

Like others from Oni Clan, Ram too possessed a powerful horn earning her the title of “Second Coming of the Oni God.” But her horn got slashed when nearly all her family got massacred.

However, she can still cast wind magic, use telepathy, and see visions from other people’s minds.

Despite her skills, Ram looks rather inexperienced as she has a child-like stature. Besides, she has short pink hair, bejeweled with ribbons and pins, covering her right eye and making her appear cute rather than threatening.

12. Yoshino Koharu (Sakura Quest)

yoshino koharu

As a fresh but jobless graduate, Yoshino Koharu represents the struggle of several people around the world. And so, even her getting rejections serve hope to her fans.

Yoshino finally catches her break, but not in an urban location. She had to prove herself and fill the shoes of a Queen – that too of a financially struggling rural nation. Therefore, she also embodies the idea of making the best out of one’s circumstances.

Even with her bitter experiences, Yoshino is an extremely kind and caring person.

She is also an attractive woman that mesmerizes her fans with a single glance at her flamingo pink hair styled into an inverted bob against her crimson eyes.

11. Krul Tepes (Owari no Seraph)

krul tepes

Krul Tepes is the former Vampire Queen of Japan as well as the third Progenitor of Vampires. As a Queen, Krul is adept in all kinds of regal affairs and military planning. For instance, she actively protected human survivors only to ensure that her subjects don’t run out of blood supply.

She also possesses expert-level combat skills. Her immortality and regeneration along with her superhuman agility and strength make her almost invincible.

That said, her teenage figure with a calf-long rosy-pink sheet of hair tied in three loose pigtails gives her an innocent child-like appearance.

However, like most vampires, Krul too has red eyes and a pair of fangs and she also has bat-like horn protrusions.

10. Milim Nava (Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken)

milim nava

Milim Nava, aka “Destroyer,” is a Dragon Princess and the second seat Demon Lord of the Octagram. She is considered the strongest as well as the oldest of all Demon Lords, often titled “The True Demon Lord.”

Being a Dragonoid, she only exists as a soul with eternal youth and infinite regeneration capacity.

Despite her infamy, Milim appears as a teenage girl with pink hair styled into twin ponytails and contrasting ocean eyes. This makes her presence seem utterly harmless.

However, Milim grows a crimson horn and ruthless wings in her battle form. She also gains insane superhuman strength and nearly limitless magical powers that make her more threatening and vicious than other beings.

9. Isuke Inukai (Akuma no Riddle)

isuke inukai

Isuke Inukai has a long curtain of pink hair paired with two ringlets highlighting her orange-golden eyes. Her slender athletic figure and modern attires further intensify her beauty.

Her superhuman strength and durability combined with her intellectual capacity and technical knowledge make her a perfect assassin and ruthless killer.

However, if anything Isuke Inukai is an obnoxious person.

She seems to have no moral standards whatsoever. She can kill anyone and everyone for money and a few gorgeous dresses. In fact, she can pretend to be a friend before killing her victim.

She is also quite narcissistic and looks down upon others.

8. Vanessa Enoteca (Black Clover)

vanessa enoteca

Vanessa Enoteca, aka Drunken Frenzy Witch, is a witch from the Witches’ Forest. She is also a member of the Clover Kingdom’s Black Bulls Squad as a Junior Magic Knight.

Owing to her thread magic, Vanessa can entrap others or even change attires of her squadmates. However, she can also manipulate “Threads of Fate,” making her an extremely powerful witch on par with Arcane Stage Mages.

While she is intelligent and sly, however, she is also a laid-back and lazy person.

She styles her fuchsia hair in mid-parted loose curls. Her amethyst eyes, full lips, and voluptuous figure give her a seductive charm. Besides, she seems to have no concern for modesty as she is often seen in revealing attire while drinking or flirting around.

Anyways, she deeply cares for her squad members and holds a deep respect for her Captain.

7. Ichika Nakano (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

ichika nakano

Among her sisters, Ichika appears the most composed and calm. Therefore, she takes on the role of a leader to her sisters, essentially behaving as the eldest daughter of the Nakano family.

She also displays a fair understanding of human psychology, thereby, giving her the ability to ‘see through people.’ As an aspiring actress, she often impersonates her sisters and even impresses Fuutarou.

Her oyster pink hair is significantly shorter than her sisters’, but she shares the same sapphire eyes. She styles her hair neatly with a hair strand dangling on her right side and this, along with her mature build, gives her charms unlike any of her quintuplets.

6. Zero Two (Darling in The Franx)

zero two

Zero two, notorious as “Partner Killer,” is an elite member of the APE Special Forces. She is also a human-klaxon hybrid and so she has blood-red sclera, unusual skin, and extremely large horns.

In fact, she was bullied throughout her childhood because of her ‘monstrous’ looks. This experience made her prefer solitude and played a role in her seemingly cold personality.

Later, she grew into a slender, tall, and athletic pilot with a fair complexion. Though her irises remained green, her sclera turned significantly white and her horns seemed to fit her head.

As the story progresses, she shows her cheerful and fun side. And so, her waist-length straight pink hair only adds to her ethereal beauty and makes her one of the best anime girls with pink hair!

5. Captain Hibana (Fire Force)

captain hibana

Captain Hibana, aka “Princess Hibana,” is the Captain of the Special Fire Force Company 5 as well as the third-generation pyrokinetic.

In a sense, Hibana fits nearly all the conventional feminine beauty standards from her hour-glass figure to light brown complexion and model height. Her light pink shoulder-length hair against her pastel blue eyes and pink tinge add to her appeal.

In fact, even her flames erupt into gorgeous flowers.

Ironically, Hibana’s personality is the exact opposite of her looks. She is a deceptive and sadistic person who not only experiments on live humans but enjoys hurting her subjects.

4. Mine (Akame Ga Kill)


Mine is an assassin with long cerise pink hair fashioned into two ponytails. Her fuchsia eyes and ribbons add to her endearing appearance. However, she is not only beautiful but extremely intelligent and quick-witted.

Besides, Mine is a skilled enough sniper to even wield “Roman Artillery: Pumpkin” – a Teigu shaped in the form of a rifle. She can shoot in at least three modes including the sniper, long-barrel, and machine gun.

While she seems moody, Mine is highly compassionate with clearly defined life goals. In fact, she struggles throughout the series for the rights of her race and to squash the ridicule that plagued her entire childhood.

3. Chika Fujiwara (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)

chika fujiwara

Chika Fujiwara is a third-year high school student as well as secretary of the Student Council. Since she comes from a prestigious family of politicians, she is refined but abhors lying.

She often comes up with the most unusual but entertaining ideas. This gives her bubbly personality an eccentric touch.

She possesses pale pink shoulder-length hair that she sometimes wears in a high ponytail, but mostly she styles these with a black bow in the middle of her square bangs.

This highlights her blue eyes as well as her small feminine stature.

2. Shuna (Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken)


Shuna, aka Shrine Maiden, was originally a princess from the Ogre tribe that evolved into a Kijin. Her fair skin combined with her pale peach hair, deep crimson eyes, and buxom stature, give her a captivating look.

So much so that her horns don’t alienate her.

Befitting her appearance, Shuna is a graceful and refined person with great intuitions. While she can wield magic, however, her true skills lie in her intelligence and management skills.

This is precisely why Shuna becomes chief economic advisor to Rimuru along with Rigurd. In fact, Rimuru often depends on her regal disposition when it comes to diplomatic issues regarding other nations.

1. Mitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer)

mitsuri kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji has bubble-gum pink hair with lime-green ombers matching her greenish eyes. She wears her hair in three massive braids with choppy bangs covering her forehead. Her slightly pale complexion and curvaceous but muscular build add to her charms.

Despite her gentle personality, Mitsuri is anything but timid and weak.

In fact, she is so strong that she had trouble finding a suitable life partner, compelling her to join the Corps. She is an expert in swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat making her an excellent Demon Slayer.

Since her muscles are 8 times denser than an average human, she possesses monstrous strength and superhuman flexibility. Later, she even awakens her Demon Slayer Mark, enhancing her strength even further.

Who Are Your Favorite Anime Girls With Pink Hair?

Since pink heads represent a vast anime kawaii culture, it seems that anime will keep introducing more pink-haired females with strong and enticing qualities. Therefore, this list may never be complete. But, I hope that you found your favorite female lead on this list.

If not, then use the comments section below to let us know which pink-haired anime girls deserve to be featured in the article!

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