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23 Best Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time (2022)

Anime girls have a different fan base and rule over a billion hearts, irrespective of gender. The main reason is their cuteness and diversity in their personality traits. In short, otakus find them ideal. Just think of your perfect girl, and you will find her in the anime world.

When we talk about anime girls, then kemonomimi characters are pretty popular. There is a long list of such half-human, half-animal girls, among which nekomimi characters, anime wolf girls, and anime bunny girls are at the top. Bunny girls are known for their cuteness and beauty. I am sure you are already a fan of theirs, so you are searching for more of them.

Grab your popcorn because we are about to see the ultimate list featuring some of the best bunny girls in anime. So, let’s get started!

Best Anime Bunny Girls in 2022

23. Rito Tsukimi (Absolute Duo)

rito tsukimi

Rito Tsukimi is a homeroom teacher by profession and is pretty popular among her students. One can easily guess the reason for her popularity by just having a glimpse of her. It is her bunny ears and charismatic persona. She never leaves a chance to surprise others; most of the time, her students are blank around her.

The reason is her double personality; sometimes, she would be the cutest girl one can find, and the other time, the exact opposite. Therefore, to distinguish between her different natures, the students switch her name between White Usa Sensei and Black.

There are only two kinds of teachers, the lenient and the deadly ones; our Rito somehow manages to be them both. Besides, she isn’t an ordinary bunny girl but a girl with stupendous powers. She wields a sword, and her unique ability is called Blaze, which she mainly uses as a defensive strategy.

22. Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra (Rokka no Yuusha)

nashetania loei piena augustra

She is as unique as her name sounds. If I were to describe her in four words, it would be “50 shades of Nashetania” (XD). This anime bunny girl has multiple personalities, one moment, you will find her a carefree and chilled-out girl, and the next moment, the complete opposite.

Nashetania uses her talent of adapting one personality to another to cheat others. In short, she knows how to persuade and manipulate others for her own good. Besides, she is famous as a saint, specifically the “saint of blades .” One can’t easily injure her as she would either attack or make a protective shield in front of her. It depends on her mood and her personality what she wants to choose. Other than that, she has multiple impressive abilities.

21. Chuchu (Show By Rock)


Rockstars are equally famous in our world and the anime world, regardless of gender. Chuchu is a cute bunny girl who steals hearts with her beauty and talent. She is an artist by choice, and it was her dream to be one. She is respected and loved by almost everyone.

Now Chuchu wishes to be a solo singer and works to make her dream successful. During her journey, she met another famous rock star, Cyan, who had a huge fan following, making Chuchu envy her. But thanks to her gifted teammates, she overcame negative feelings toward Cyan.

20. Frau (Peach Boy Riverside)


We all have seen anime bunny girls who only have bunny ears; however, meet Frau. She has a pure bunny face. And due to her cute looks, don’t mistake her for being weak. Frau is capable of causing destruction with her immense powers. However, her powers don’t work anymore for a specific reason. Otherwise, she is an overpowered bunny anime girl.

Being a bunny, she loves carrots that add to her cuteness. Describing her personality, she is a bit reserved yet friendly at the same time.

19. Kuku (I Have Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years)


Kuku is one of the ideal girls. She is another rockstar on the list who loves singing and capturing hearts with her melodious voice. She usually travels from one place to another, singing and performing. Kuku is cuter than she seems, as she is timid by nature.

Despite being a side character, this cute bunny girl managed to have her separate fan base. Mainly because of her bunny ears and innocence. Her song, “Arigato,” is pretty popular among the fans of “I Have Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years.”

18. Melona (Queen’s Blade)


Melona belongs to the race of slimes; her body is soft and slimy. Unfortunately, she isn’t a good girl but an evil, seductive lady. Melona is notorious for her actions and hence popularly addressed as a monster, which annoys her the most.

Being a slime, she has the ability to shapeshift to any form, which proves to be very beneficial for her. As we know, slimes can absorb anything and obtain powers by doing so; the same is true for Melona. Her attitude and personality are as weird as they can be. During her battles, she is not an easy opponent to fight against, and her list of attacks is pretty bold, which she usually uses to humiliate her opponents.

17. Delilah (Gate – Thus The JSDF Fought There)


Delilah works as an assassin and has previously worked as a spy. Though this bunny girl looks cute, she is the opposite of her looks and, in fact, the deadliest warrior. Delilah doesn’t hesitate to attack her enemies and is pretty brutal in her approach. This warrior can go to any lengths for the sake of the information and make others do what she wants.

She is also pretty selfish and doesn’t like to work as a team. If we talk about her personality and the type of person she is, she can be best described as a wild-sadistic bunny girl. Her only mission is to kill Tyuule, who was once a ruler of warrior bunnies.

For her people, she sacrificed herself and became a slave. However, she was portrayed as a rebel and cheater. Delilah is also one of the people who believe that Tyuule betrayed her people.

16. Yoshino Himekawa (Date A Live)

yoshino himekawa

Yoshino is one of the cutest and sweetest spirits in the series. You’ll mostly find her along with her rabbit puppet. No matter how much the other attacks or tries to kill her, she won’t reciprocate. Though she can, she chooses not to because of her kind heart.

Her love for her rabbit is immense; whenever someone tries to separate them, it results in chaos. Yoshino gets angry and goes wild to get her little bunny back. Like all other spirits, she also has multiple abilities and powers. One can say that she had low self-esteem and struggled to convey her feelings, but over time, with the help of other characters, she learned to be confident enough to speak for herself.

15. Komugi Yoshida (Nurse Witch Komugi Chan R)

komugi yoshida

As the name of the anime suggests, Komugi is the main lead. Her personality is like how she dresses: bright, cheerful, and charismatic. Being a protagonist, one can expect only good from her. This pink-haired anime girl has a kind heart and pretty good nursing skills.

Komugi isn’t an ordinary girl but a girl having powers strong enough to fight against any evil. However, she didn’t have any powers before but was gifted by a creature named Usa-P. You will find her doing multiple jobs simultaneously. At one time, she would be a high school girl; the other time, you might see her as a heroic girl fighting off evil, and sometimes, she is your famous idol.

14. Nanachi (Made In Abyss)


Nanachi is the side character of Made in Abyss. I am sure we all were mesmerized to see this cute little munchkin when Riko landed in the 6th layer. She didn’t use to look the way she looks now. Before entering the abyss, she was an ordinary and beautiful girl. However, a whistler experimented on many children, and she was one of them.

Nananchi is one of the kindest people in the abyss and has immense love for her best buddy Mitty, who turned into a different creature due to the experiment. She was looking for ways to kill Mitty for a long time to free her from her painful life. And finally, with Riko and Reg, she successfully freed her friend from the cursed life.

13. Usa-tan (Etotama)


Usa-tan is probably one of the wealthiest anime bunny girls you’ll find on the list. She is an interesting character who can afford to live the richest life but chooses to work as a maid. Let me elaborate more; this bunny girl is rich enough to own a helicopter, a limousine, and several high-tech gadgets.

Ohh, yes, such a character she is! The reason she doesn’t live like this is that she is highly caring about others’ feelings. As a person, she is blunt and wouldn’t even blink to express her opinions if she believes them to be correct. So, if you were looking for down-to-earth anime bunny girls, then be glad as you have found one!

12. Mina Tsukuda (Lunar Weapon Bunny Mina)

mina tsukada

Mina is a second-year high schooler and the protagonist of the show. Don’t mistake her for being a simple ordinary girl as she is famous for fighting criminals and aliens. Mina works as an announcer and her first day at the job was ironic. She has lost her heart to a fellow announcer, so you guys don’t stand a chance; therefore, let’s move on to the next bunny girl!

However, before that, let me tell you the secret of her power. She transforms into a strong bunny girl by eating a carrot. Right, a carrot is all it takes for her to transition from a regular girl to a powerful bunny girl.

11. Vert Far Breton (Dog Days)

vert far breton

Vert is a beautiful bodyguard bunny girl who often acts foolishly. In short, she is a beauty with no brains, making her an entertaining character. Though she is a bit awkward, you cannot judge her.

As she is a member of the bodyguard team, so rest assured that she is pretty good at using weapons. One of her strengths is being a master archer. Yes, you heard it right; she is a deadly beauty who knows to hit the target accurately.

10. Charlotte E. Yeager (Strike Witches)

charlotte e. yeager

Apart from being a great lieutenant, she is an impressive pilot with record-breaking speed. I hope we can imagine a talented air fighter’s stardom, right? The same goes for her; she is pretty popular in her world and, of course, in ours.

As one can guess, she is adventurous and daring by nature. Having achieved so much at a young age makes her a little proud though she has a good heart. Charlotte is one of the famous witches, and due to her spectacular magical abilities, she has achieved a lot in her career.

9. Sylvie (How Not to Summon A Demon Lord)


She lives in a world where adventures are expected and occur in almost every city. Sylvie is a guild master of one such team responsible for adventures in their respective city. Though she seems like a simple girl, she’s not that simple.

Sylvie knows to cast magic well; she is skilled in sealing the opponent’s attacks. To elaborate more, she uses support-type magic that helps her to seal the magic of others. She is mainly famous for her delicate features and bunny ears.

8. Reisen Udongein Inaba (A Summer Day’s Dream)

reisen udongein inaba

This girl is very intriguing as she doesn’t belong to the earth. Yes, you got that right; she belongs to the moon and fled to earth to save her life because of an ongoing war between the two worlds. Well, like some of the other anime bunny girls, she is also a powerful lady.

One of her special attacks is shooting brain waves from her eyes. I know that sounds weird but that is one of her remarkable abilities. Many of her attacks and abilities are illogical, and that’s what makes her so interesting.

7. Kurousagi (Mondaiji-tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo?)


Like Reisen, this beauty is also a moon rabbit. She is one of the main characters of the show. Kurousagi is one of the famous anime girls, and her name also means “black rabbit.” She is one of the most loyal characters you’ll find in the anime. If you are looking for a cheerful, selfless, loving, and devoted lady, then she is the one.

You will see her worrying about others and working to solve their problems. She is a pure goodie at heart. To top it off, Black Rabbit also has enormous supernatural abilities.

6. Tabane Shinonono (Infinite Stratos)

tabane shinonono

She is one of the pure souls in Infinite Stratos. Tabane loves to surprise everyone with her unique personality, whether on-screen or off-screen. Many of you might judge her as a sober and mature lady, but as I said, she loves to amaze others.

Tabane can be childish at times and is a fun-loving person. She never leaves a chance to entertain her fans with her charismatic, lively, and little crazy persona. Besides, she is brilliant and intelligent and would solve problems in no time. Let me exaggerate a bit so that you can know that this bunny girl is considered one of the smartest people in their world.

5. Carrot (One Piece)


Ah, One Piece, of course, needs no introduction; it’s one of the legendary anime. Well, it has been hyped up for generations, and one of the reasons is girls. The girls of One Piece are pure waifu material.

Though she looks delicate, don’t you be fooled by her looks. Carrot is pretty strong with enhanced powers and speed. There is a long list of abilities but let’s keep it concise. She is cheerful, frank, and clingy. You might find this cute girl a bit silly.

4. Haru (Beastars)


A glimpse at this bunny girl would melt your heart instantly. She has a pure bunny face which makes her even more adorable. However, due to her appearance, she has faced a lot of humiliation. It’s a harsh reality that society doesn’t accept the ones who are different and leaves no chance to give them a tough time.

So, our girl has been through a lot. She would resist herself even if someone wished to be close to her. Well, this doesn’t make her a weak person; she sure knows when and how to speak for herself.

3. Shea Haulia (Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest)

shea haulia

The power to see the future is not less than a blessing, especially when it helps to see the coming dangers. We can’t ever attain this power, but no worries, we can have our wishes fulfilled thanks to this gorgeous anime bunny girl.

Shea is gifted with the ability to see the future. Besides that, she is a very bold girl; in fact, we can say she is pretty shameless. But she is a goodie at heart; being one of the heroines, one can expect this from her. Shea’s courage and determination are worth admiring. Messing with this girl would do you no good, as she is a skilled fighter with enormous abilities and would destroy you if you dared to anger her.

2. Mirko (My Hero Academia)


My Hero Academia is one of the most popular shonen anime, and before that, it was one of the most popular manga series; it still is. Almost all of their characters intrigued the fans, and Mirko is one of them. She is widely known as Rabbit Hero. Being a hero, she is against evil and is always ready to teach the bad guys a lesson.

She is blunt by nature and would not think twice about stating her thoughts, which proved quite troublesome for her. This rabbit girl has almost all the qualities that a hero should have. Her quirk is Rabbit physiology, and as the name suggests, it bestows her rabbit-like features. Other than that, she has a long list of powers and skills.

1. Mai Sakurajima (Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai)

mai sakurajima

How can we forget to add her to the list? Mai is yours and everyone’s favorite. She has all the qualities to be the queen of your hearts, so beware! She is kind, intelligent, loving, and whatnot. Name a quality, and she has them all.

Mai has high moral values and tries her best to keep them up. She cannot see anyone in pain and would do everything possible to help the other person. Being an ideal girl doesn’t mean she will always smile; some things also make her violent.

So one can expect anything from this girl. As the anime’s main character, you will see her most of the time in the spotlight.

Who Are Your Favorite Anime Bunny Girls?

So, that was all from my side! Now it’s your turn to let me know your thoughts regarding the list in the comments. I’ll be glad to know about your favorite bunny girls in anime. Like I said in the beginning, the anime world is full of diversity, and you will find your ideal girl in one anime or the other.

If you still failed to find your favorite one, then list her traits so we can help you find them. Till then, enjoy and share the article with your otaku friends!

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