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27 Popular Dere Types In Anime & Manga Explained (2022)

The world of anime is packed with all sorts of characters with all sorts of different personalities, and the term “Dere” refers to an archetype given to various characters in anime and manga. I am sure you have already heard that term; and in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the most popular dere types you often see in popular anime shows and trending manga!

Different characters exhibit different personalities in anime and manga series, ranging from shyness to being violent. Dere is a standard used by the anime community to describe the personality an anime or manga character possesses. There are several such dere types in anime, but only a few of them are common while most of them are extremely rare.

In this article, we are not only going to look at some of the most popular dere types, but we will also see other personality types that you will find interesting. And you will also see character examples with each personality type that will help you understand the different characters even more!

5 Most Popular Dere Types in Anime & Manga

1. Tsundere


Tsundere is one of the popular kinds of dere types in anime. Tsundere is from the word “Tsun” which means cold, harsh, or blunt. As the meaning implies, Tsundere characters tend to act aloof, especially towards the people they love or have affection for. This particular set of characters usually have harsh personalities and can also be violent in some instances, all in a bid to hide how they truly feel for the characters they like.

An example of such a character is Tohsaka Rin from the Fate anime series. Rin has feelings for the main character, Emiya Shirou but tends to act aloof in order hide such feelings. Another popular example of a Tsundere character would be Nakiri Erina from Food Wars!, who frequently shows her displeasure for Yukihira Souma.

2. Yandere

Yandere type can be used to describe an anime or manga character who may look cute and adorable on the outside, but they have a really crazy personality. Yan comes from the word “yanderu,” meaning mentally ill or unsound. These characters will go to any length for the people they love. The extent they can go to for the people they love might be a good thing sometimes but it can be equally frightening. This is because they can be obsessive and overprotective when it comes to the people they have developed romantic feelings for. This particular set of behavior exhibited by Yandere can often be creepy and dangerous.

The perfect example of such character would be Yuno Gasai from the anime Mirai Nikki anime show, as we can see her doing some pretty unexpected things for the main character all because she loves him!

3. Deredere

Everyone loves this particular set of characters because of their attitude. The characters with the Deredere type of personality are usually kind, warm, and very friendly towards everyone. They promote positivity and warmth, and these characters are the friendliest among the all the popular dere types. Dere means “lovestruck,” and this feature can be seen in their loving attitude. However, sometimes they tend to be naïve!

A perfect example of a Deredere character would be Inoue Orihime from the Bleach anime. Another example of of this dere type would be Yui Yuigahama from OreGairu anime series.

4. Dandere


Dandere represents the anime characters who are often silent and reserved in front of others. “Dan” in the word “Dandere” means silence or quietness. This type of characters are strong but silent and they rarely show their genuine emotions to people. However, when they are with people they feel close to and feel comfortable around, their cute and unreserved side becomes evident as they can express themselves better and can even be very talkative.

An excellent example of a Dandere character is Miku Nakano from The Quintessential Quintuplets anime. Hinata Hyuga from the Naruto anime series also seem to fit the Dandere category.

5. Kuudere


Kuudere characters are quite similar to the Dandere, but they have a colder personality. “Kuu” in Kuudere means cool or cold and as the name suggests, this set of characters in anime or manga is cold to all the other characters, even those they love. They are very sarcastic and can be considered annoying in some instances, but they are almost always calm and never really panic in any situation. They appear cold from the outside and also uncaring but deep down, they do care about certain people.

Some amazing examples of such characters are Mikasa Ackerman from Attack On Titan, Akame from Akame Ga Kill and Shiba Tatsuya from The Irregular At Magic High School.

Other Dere Types in Anime & Manga (2022)

6. Himedere (Female) / Oujidere (Male)

Himedere is a character that likes being treated like a princess, and “Hime” literally means princess. This particular set of characters usually view themselves like they are above others, and they are supposed to be treated like royalty. Oujidere, on the other hand, is the male version of Himedere as “Ouji” means prince. These characters want to be treated as princes and they are usually confident of their mannerisms and appearances.

Some examples for Himedere type would be Erina Nakiri from Shokugeki no Souma and Noelle Silva from Black Clover. While some example for Oujidere type would be Kuchiki Byakuya from Bleach and Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler.

7. Bakadere


Bakadere might be one of the most common dere types in anime and manga because the characters with these type are usually very dumb. “Baka” literally means “idiot” and this set of characters are very clumsy and they tend to make unsound decisions. Despite being stupid, they tend to be warm and open towards others, a common trait among simple-minded characters. Slice of life anime genre is a genre where you will find shows filled with Bakadere characters!

Some popular example of this dere type are Yoshiko Hanabatake from Aho-Girl, Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, and Kaminari Denki from My Hero Academia.

8. Sadodere

Sadodere refers to the sadistic characters who love to manipulate and play with the feelings of other people. This set of characters are usually very cruel, and they enjoy seeing the ones they love suffer at their hands. They are a twisted set of characters that delight in tormenting and torturing people they are interested in. They also tend to be cold and unfeeling towards the people they don’t care about, and they take pleasure in humiliating people they love. The pain they inflict can be emotional, physical, or both, depending on their preference.

Popular examples of of such characters would be Lady Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill, Takami Minatsuki from Deadman Wonderland and Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live.

9. Darudere


Darudere is a set of characters that are usually very lazy and always having a nonchalant expression on their face. Darudere comes from the word “darui,” which means sluggish or lazy. They are usually ignorant of people that they are not close to. However, if someone they are close to is in trouble or a dire situation comes up, they tend to work up the energy to help them.

Examples of such characters are Shikamaru Nara from the Naruto anime series, Atsushi Murasakibara from Kuroko no Basket, and Hikigaya Hachiman from Oregairu.

10. Kamidere


Kamidere refers to the characters who seem to have a god complex as “Kami” in Kamidere literally translates as “god.” These type of characters are often arrogant to others and consider themselves always right. They are a psychologically twisted set of highly opinionated and proud characters, and they expect to be treated like perfect beings by others. They rarely love anyone except themselves, which makes them very dangerous because they consider themselves as the judge and the jury in every situation.

Examples of Kamidere characters are the infamous Yagami Light from Death Note, Mari Kurihara from Prison School, and Father from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

11. Shundere

Shundere is one of the dere types that refer to a set of characters that are usually sad and gloomy. “Shun” means “sad” and this particular set of characters are always depressed and have a bleak and miserable outlook. Note that this particular set of characters do not need a reason to be sad, they just feel naturally low at all times.

An example of a Shundere character is Mei Misaki from Another, surrounded by a lot of conspiracies. Another example of a Shundere character is Tomoko Kuroki from WataMote!

12. Nyandere

This set of characters are usually associated with cat-like characteristics. “Nyan” is a famous Japanese sound related to cats in anime shows. A Nyandere can be a character that is obsessed with cats and things relating to the cat species or in some situations, they can even wear cat-like clothes or garments. A Nyandere can also be an anime character with actual cat-like features that commonly utters the sound “nyan.”

Some Nyandere characters in anime are Koneko Toujou from High School DxD and Yaya Fushiguro from Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san!

13. Dorodere


Dorodere is another pretentious set of characters like the Yandere, but they are not exactly dangerous. Dorodere is from the word “dorodoro,” which means muddled or confused. As earlier said, this set of characters are pretentious because they retain a happy expression on their faces and express warmth, but deep down, they are a troubled and deeply disturbed. They can harbor murderous intent, but the look that can be perceived from their faces says otherwise. Their kindness and sweetness are nothing but a façade, but they are not exactly the kind of person who act on their disturbing thoughts. They might say hurtful things, but these set of characters don’t exactly intend to hurt anyone.

Some of the manga or anime characters of this particular dere type are Juuzou Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul, Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui and Osamu Dazai from Bungou Stray Dogs.

14. Yottadere

Yottadere characters are among the less used dere types in anime because these characters are not really common. Yottadere comes from the word “yotta” which means drunk. As the name implies, this set of characters tend to be drunk often, or they like being in a drunken state. Their love for alcohol is the major highlight whenever they are on screen, and they always seem to be intoxicated.

Some popular Yottadere characters are Cana Alberona from Fairy Tail, Vanessa from Black Clover and Nonko Arahabaki from Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san.

15. Bodere

The Bodere type of personality is a sort of combination of the Tsundere and the Dandere characters. “Bo” from the word means Bodere means to rant, and these characters combine the violent nature of the Tsundere with the shyness of the Dandere. This set of characters are bashful, and they do not know how to express their emotions to people they like except through violence. They behave like Danderes until their crush or their loved ones say something to make them blush, which often makes them respond with violence like a Tsundere.

Some anime characters that can be considered a Bodere are Mahiru Inami from Working!! and Chitoge Kirisaki from Nisekoi.

16. Mayadere

Mayadere is a new archetype for anime and manga characters, and can be found quite often in a number of shows. The Mayadere characters are a very dangerous set of characters that are usually the antagonist or villain of the story, but they switch sides after falling in love with or growing fond of the main character. Note that by switching sides, it just means that they will side with the character they like; it does not necessarily mean they will change their principles. And these are the kind of actions that make the Mayadere characters totally unpredictable.

Popular examples of Mayadere characters would be Lady Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill, Juvia Lockster from Fairy Tail and Langris Vaude from Black Clover.

17. Utsudere

Utsudere comes from the word “utsu” which means depression or a state of sadness. Unlike the Shundere characters that are depressed by personality, Utsudere characters are usually sad or depressed because of a specific reason or reasons. The reason for the character’s sadness can range from being bullied at school or home to the loss of people close to them or personal insecurity. These characters usually possess droopy eyes, dark eye bags, dropping shoulders, and so on.

Some examples of Utsudere characters would be Minene Uryuu from Mirai Nikki, Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist and Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero!

18. Hinedere


Hinedere is one of the dere types that is quite similar to Kamidere as well as Kuudere, but still a bit different. This personality type is becoming quite popular in anime and manga as it’s quite common to have at least one such character in a show. This set of characters are usually very arrogant and sarcastic, like the Kamidere; but what differentiates them from the Kamidere is that they do care for people other than themselves which makes them very similar to the Kuudere. Despite this, they still hold cynical views on most issues and often appear to be cold-hearted.

Some of the popular Hinedere characters are Mitsuru from Darling in the Franxx, Naofumi Iwatani from The Rising Of The Shield Hero and Kiyotaka Ayanokoji from Classroom of the Elite.

19. Undere

Undere are characters that cannot think for themselves when they are in the presence of their crush. Undere is formed from the word “un” which is the short form for “yes” or “maybe” in Japanese. As the name suggests, this particular set of characters will do anything that their crush asks them to do. They are hopeless simps that are slaves to their infatuation. Like a puppy eager to please its master, the Undere will do what their crush wants, all in a bid to get closer to them.

Some popular Undere characters are Misa Amane from Death Note, Albedo from Overlord and Boa Hancock from One Piece anime series!

20. Hajidere


This is one of the cutest dere types on this list because the term Hajidere is used for a characters who get really nervous or shy around their crush. “Haji” in Hajidere means embarrassment, and this kind of characters become so flustered around their crush that they can barely utter complete statements, forget about confessing their true feelings. In some extreme cases, they can even faint when they are in the presence of their crush for long periods of time.

Some popular examples of Hajidere characters are Hinata Hyuga from Naruto, Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia and and Serena from Pokemon.

21. Kanedere

Kanedere is a set of characters that are obsessed with money. Kanedere is derived from “kane” which means money. The characters with this dere type are usually in love with money and all that it offers. They care less about human relationships and are more concerned with money, affluence, and the status it brings.

Some Kandere characters known for their obsessive love of money are Nami from One Piece, Glenn Radars from Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor, and Fujiko Mine from Lupin the Third!

22. Megadere


The actual meaning of “mega” in its relation to Megadere is quite unclear; however this particular dere type is quite similar to the Undere characters, but they are less obsessive. A Megadere is a character that is obsessed with their crush in a fanboy/fangirl manner; but they are not enslaved to their infatuation like the Undere as they aren’t afraid to show off their love.

Some well-known examples of Megadere characters are Juvia Lockster from Fairy Tail, Diane from The Seven Deadly Sins, and Centorea Shianus, Miia, and Papi from the Monster Musume anime series!

23. Byoukidere

Byoukidere usually refers to characters that are sweet and kind but often quite frail physically, and so this is one of the rarest dere types in anime and manga! The term is derived from the word “byouki” which means sickness or illness. This set of characters have a sweet personality but they are frail-looking, always on a sickbed or suffering from a disease, often a fatal one.

Some characters representing the Byoukidere dere type are Aoi Tohsaka from the Fate series, Veronica from Gangsta, and Nunnally Lamperouge from Code Geass.

24. Oujodere


Oujodere characters are the ones who are often calm and collected, and they act all ladylike in almost all situations. “Oujo” means princess and hence they are frequently mistaken for Himedere type; but unlike Himedere, Oujodere aren’t arrogant or bossy but are extremely kind. You can even say that this kind of characters are like the mature versions of the Deredere type of characters.

Some popular Oujodere characters that you might know are Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia, Rias Gremory from Highschool DxD and Miyuki Shiba from The Irregular at Magic High School.

25. Kitikudere

A Kitikudere is a character that acts like a bully and often mistreats others and their love interest. They even go so far as to harm their love interest physically and emotionally in order to hide their true feelings. The bullying factor makes the Kitikudere different from the Tsundere, Bodere, or other similar classification.

Popular examples of Kikitudere characters would be Revy from Black Lagoon, Karma Akabane from Assassination Classroom and Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia.

26. Hiyakasudere


Hiyakasudere is one of the popular dere types that represents the characters who are quite flirtatious by nature; they will flirt and tease characters they like. Surprisingly, even though they are flirtatious, when the subject matter of love to their respective crushes is broached, they tend to be very shy and sometimes act like the Tsundere. Notwithstanding, Hiyakasudere characters are definitely among the boldest in most situations.

Examples of such characters are Irina Jelavic from Assassination Classroom, Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx and Akeno Himejima from Highschool DxD!

27. Kekkondere


Kekkondere is derived from the word “kekkon” which means marriage. The set of characters this term represents are very cheesy because marriage is the next thing they think about immediately when they have romantic feelings for another character. A Kekkondere might want to get married right away to someone they just met in most cases.

Some well-known examples of Kekkondere characters are Zenitsu Agatsuma from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Boa Hancock from One Piece and Neko Fujinomiya from Masamune-kun no Revenge!

What Are Your Favorite Dere Types in Anime?

The anime and manga community is currently expanding, and over time, new concepts and archetypes will be added to the current set of “dere types.” However, the types listed above are currently the most popular ones that can be easily found in your favorite manga and anime shows.

So, do let me know what you thought about this article. Were you surprised to learn that some of your favorite characters are a particular type of “dere”? Also, make sure to share your views on your favorite dere types in anime & manga using the comments section below. I’d love to hear your views on this topic!

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