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19 Gorgeous & Hottest Girls from One Piece (2022 Edition)

One Piece is one of the longest running anime series of all time, and it is quite safe to say that is it also one of the most popular anime shows at the moment. Most of us have grown up reading the manga or watching the anime, so it’s no wonder that we want to know all about the hottest girls from One Piece! If you want to check out the most gorgeous girls in the show, then I’ve got you covered as I have made this list just for that very purpose.

The reason why this particular anime has been so popular even after being on air for almost 2 decades is its amazing story and complex world-building. The story is just perfect, and Oda sensei makes sure to never leave any loose ends as he always goes back to tie them all up, but he makes sure that there are still mysteries to solve that keeps the manga readers and the anime watchers on hook till the next reveal. Apart from the perfect story, it’s also the wide variety of characters that has played a huge role in making this show one of the most popular and most memorable show of all time.

But we aren’t here to talk about how good the show is, we already know it is! We are here with the sole purpose of finding out the hottest girls from One Piece. I have updated the article recently, so the list has grown and you will find some of your favorite female characters up there. So, let’s not waste any more time and check out all the gorgeous anime girls in the show!

The Hottest Girls from One Piece (2022)

19. Makino


Makino is the bartender from Luffy’s hometown and appeared in the very beginning of the story, and also made appearances throughout various arcs. She is a kindhearted woman who is quite fond of Luffy, and she’s also on good terms with Garp and Ace as well as with Shanks and his crew. Moreover, there’s a big mystery surrounding who’s the father of Makino’s child as Oda sensei has only said that it’s “that person” without giving any more information!

18. Baby 5

baby 5

Baby 5 appeared as the member and assassin of the Donquixote family and served under the Pica army, but she became a part of the Happo Navy after marrying Don Sai. She has a helping personality where she can’t refuse anyone who asks for her help. This incessant need to prove herself useful to everyone was born in her childhood when she was abandoned by her mother, who called her useless. As a result, she can’t turn down any favors, even if people are just using her for their own gains, and instead becomes happy that she is needed!

17. Tashigi


Most of the characters got a glow-up post-timeskip and Tashigi happens to be one among them. She is a Marine Captain who is serving under Vice Admiral Smoker in the base of G5. She is proficient in sword fighting, but can be clumsy sometime and she also is a nerd when it comes to famous swords. Even though she looks quite cute, Tashigi seems to be a bit reserves about showing too much skin as she always wears her shirt all buttoned up in order to avoid showing any cleavage at all.

16. Koala

Koala was introduced in the series as a child and a former slave who was freed by Fisher Tiger when he went on a rampage on Mary Geoise. She set sail with the Sun Pirates and left her life as a slave behind her. When we see her post-timeskip, she’s part of the Revolutionary Army and is therefore close friends with Sabo. We haven’t seen her in action, but it is okay to assume that she’s a fierce fighter because she is a high-ranking officer in the army and is also an assistant instructor teaching Fish-Man Karate.

15. Belo Betty

belo betty

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Belo Betty might be one of the hottest girls in One Piece so far, and not the cute kind like most of the girls listed here, but the hot kind! Her appearance is perfect, she is confident, she is well-endowed and she isn’t shy about showing off her assets as her clothing barely covers her torso. And she also happens to be quite a strong character as she is one of the 4 executives in the Revolutionary Army and the commander of the East Army.

14. Perona

Perona debuted in the series on the Thriller Bark arc and proved to be an extremely tough opponent for the Straw Hat Pirates because of her devil fruit abilities, but she was no match for God Usopp! Despite being a strong opponent, she looked really cute with a petite body and big, round eyes but after the time-skip, she’s got a more mature look but she has retained her gorgeous features!

13. Charlotte Pudding

charlotte pudding

We had the same expressions that Sanji had when Charlotte Pudding was introduced in the story because she was so cute and beautiful. Though it was revealed that she wasn’t exactly the innocent girl we thought her to be, she turned out to be a good person by the time the Whole Cake Island Arc came to a conclusion. She even developed real feelings for Sanji, but it seems she’s still not sure of how to behave because she sometimes goes head over heels for him while other times she berates him. It’s safe to say that she’s developed an extreme form of tsundere!

12. Monet

We can all agree with Sanji and the G5 Marines that even though she’s a harpy, Monet looks really cute and beautiful. Forget about her demonic snow body, her ice cold powers make her not only sexy but a really tough opponent! I mean, she even gave Tashigi a lot of difficulty, but she was no match for Zoro and his badassery!

11. Hina


Hina is part of the Marines who are charged with taking down the pirates. When she was introduced to the show, she was a Captain, but following the timeskip, she’s been promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral. Appearance-wise, she’s a tall and slim woman with pink hair, a tiny waist and ample assets, and she’s also quite powerful as she’s at a higher post in the Marines. She also appears quite stoic and often speaks in third person.

10. Jewelry Bonney

jewelry bonney

Jewelry Bonney, also known as the “Big Eater”, is the captain of the Bonney Pirates and the only female pirate of the “Worst Generation”. She’s got a slim and curvaceous body, despite having an appetite that rivals Luffy’s. She wears a low-cut tank top that little to hide her midriff and her deep cleavage. She also has a Devil Fruit ability that lets her alter her age and body at will.

9. Princess Viola

princess viola

Princess Viola, also known as Violet, is the crown princess of Dressrosa and the current heiress to the throne. With a slender, well-endowed body and gorgeous looks, she easily becomes one of the most beautiful women in One Piece. She’s not just all looks though; she’s also a tough fighter as she served as an assassin for the Donquixote family when they were ruling the island.

8. Stussy


We haven’t exactly seen Stussy go all out in battle, but it’s safe to assume that she’s a fierce fighter as she’s a member of CP-0, the most powerful of the Cipher Pol. As such she is highly skilled in Rokushiki abilities and is well-versed in both Armament and Observation Haki. She appears as a young woman with short and curly blonde hair, blue eyes and a slim waist, and is without a doubt of the hottest girls from One Piece!

7. Vinsmoke Reiju

vinsmoke reiju

Reiju is Sanji’s older sister and appeared in the story during the Whole Cake Island arc where she saved Luffy from dying due to poison. Sporting a revealing raid suit that highlights the curves of her body, she instantly became a fan-favorite and one of the hottest One Piece girls.

6. Nefeltari Vivi

nefeltari vivi

I am not talking about pre-timeskip Vivi, but the one after the timeskip. Like most of the women in the story, Vivi has become more mature and gorgeous after the timeskip with her hourglass figure becoming more pronounced. We haven’t seen a lot of her following the timeskip, we did see her during the Reverie Arc, but I am hoping that the next time we get to see Vivi, she’s given more screen time so that we can admire her heavenly beauty!

5. Nico Robin

nico robin

I would be frank here as I didn’t really like Nico Robin when she was introduced in the story because I didn’t like her character design. However, that’s changed after the time-skip as she has became more mature, undergone a major makeover as her breasts have grown considerably and her curves and hourglass figure has become more pronounced. I would say that she looked the hottest during the Dressrosa Arc when she wore the low-cut short, black dress, but her appearance in the Wano Arc comes a close second!

4. Kozuki Hiyori

kozuki hiyori

Kozuki Hiyori is a the daughter of Kozuki Oden and Kozuki Toki and she makes her first appearance during the Wano Arc. She is the younger sister of Momonosuke, but since she wasn’t sent to the future, she’s now older than him. She looks gorgeous as she’s a slim woman of average height, and she is a kind and compassionate woman but can also be quite proud at times when she refuses to show any form of vulnerability in front of others.

3. Princess Shirahoshi

princess shirahoshi

Forget about her size for once and just focus on the cuteness of this mermaid princess. Introduced as a crybaby and later revealed to be Poseidon, one of the Ancient Weapons, she’s an important part to the story. Her beauty is said to rival that of Boa Hancock which is saying something as everyone falls to their knees in front of the Kuja Princess!

2. Boa Hancock

boa hancock

Introduced as the most beautiful women in the world, Boa Hancock proved that her beauty knows no bounds as she is forgiven for whatever she does just because she’s beautiful. She’s got a tall, slender body with long black hair, a narrow waist and pretty huge breasts that are bigger than Nami’s or Nico Robin’s. We haven’t actually seen her that often following the timeskip, but here’s hoping that we will soon she her reunited with her “husband”, i.e. Luffy, before our heroes enter the final leg of this epic story!

1. Nami


Before timeskip, she was just a cute character, nowhere near as beautiful compared to Boa Hancock; but that’s changed after the timeskip as her body grew more voluptuous, her hair got longer and she got bigger and rounder breasts. She sported a bra after the timeskip, but during her time on Zou Island and then on Whole Cake Island, she looked sexier than ever which made her take the top spot among the hottest girls of One Piece. And she looks even more stunning in the Wano Arc, so she’s on the top spot for me!

Who Do You Think Are The Hottest Girls from One Piece?

These were some of the best and the most gorgeous female characters in One Piece anime, but I am sure that you must have a list of your own if you are a fan of the show.

If that’s the case, then do share your rankings with me using the comments section below. But if you think I did a good job and really liked the list featuring the hottest girls of One Piece, then make sure to share the article with your friends as well!

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