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15 Best School Manhwa with OP MC (2022)

Korean webtoons always intrigue the readers irrespective of their genre. However, manhwa with a strong protagonist or, to be more specific, school manhwa with an OP MC has a different fanbase. There are multiple reasons for it being on the top of the list; the number one is the main character is a teenager.

School manhwa makes the readers nostalgic, and it’s entertaining to see a handsome or not-so-handsome hunk fighting the bad guys off.

For you and the others, the reasons for reading such manhwa may be different, but one thing remains constant is the love and desire to read them.

Therefore, I’ll list the best Korean webtoons with an OP MC in this article. So, shall we begin without wasting any more time?

Best School Manhwa with OP MC

15. Viral Hit

viral hit manhwa

Overnight success doesn’t come easily, but it is possible when the universe wants to make you successful. The same happens with our protagonist, Yoo Hobin. He was tired of living his mundane life and getting bullied in school. Besides school, his life overall was a mess. His mother was hospitalized, and he had to work as a part-timer because he could not make ends meet.

Now how does he become a millionaire overnight? Well, his life was going with the routine till he had a fight against his bully’s cameraman. They both smacked each other and had awful fight moments, which were captured in the camera unbeknownst to them. Fortunately or unfortunately, streaming live made them popular, and our boy earned 10 million Won like that.

For Hobin, this was a life-changing thing; therefore, he decided to work with his bullies to continue getting fame and money. Viral Hit is one of the best action-packed manhwa to spend your valuable time reading!

14. Jungle Juice

jungle juice manhwa

Toppers are always popular, be them geeky nerds or talented. However, the latter is the case for our MC Suchan Jang, who is excellent in almost whatever he does. Besides, his charming looks gave him exceptional stardom, with his social media followers crossing 5000.

Well, there is much more apart from his deadly looks. He is not an ordinary school student and has the ability to be an insect that bestows him with wings. Suchan isn’t alone; there is a whole different world of people like him, known as insect humans.

Our MC of Jungle Juice manhwa has a complex about his abilities and wants to hide this secret from others as he doesn’t want to be treated differently.

13. Nevermore

nevermore manhwa

Nevermore is one of the popular manhwas on the list. It has a high level of suspense, so if you love reading suspense manhwa, this is a gift for you. The plot revolves around a student named James, an undercover agent. Of course, he has a purpose in his school apart from just studying.

He aims to protect his homeroom teacher from any kinds of threats. However, imagine an agent without any weapon; the same is the case here as our boy is not allowed to use any weapon. So we can expect some action from our MC. Other than that, it’s a BL manhwa, so you can give it a go if you are interested in reading such stories.

12. The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years

the archmage returns after 4000 years manhwa

The story is similar to the name; it’s about an archmage who returned after 4000 years. Lucas Trowman was an archmage who fought against a demigod. As we can guess, fighting against the demigod couldn’t do any good, so our boy had to spend more than 4000 years in prison. But life took a drastic turn when he returned to the body of a high schooler.

The historic touch with overwhelming powers combined with a school-themed story makes The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years an extraordinary read. Another great plot twist is that the high schooler was one of the weakest students in the magical school. So I hope we can imagine the fun when an overpowered MC is bound to stay in a body that lacks basic magical skills.

11. God Of Blackfield

god of blackfield manhwa

Military heroes are the ones that always intrigue the readers irrespective of gender. God of Blackfield is one such manhwa where we experience a lot of action, thrill, and fascinating plotline. It is the story of Kang Chan, a true hero serving the military; everyone used to fear him.

As we know, confronting and defeating daunting heroes isn’t easy; therefore, he was killed from behind. The story is a little sad, as our protagonist witnesses the brutal deaths of his comrades. But don’t worry, this is just the beginning of this masterpiece story; Kang Chang was reincarnated as a high schooler named Kang Chan.

Sharing the same name doesn’t mean that life is also the same. This boy was a student who was often bullied and humiliated. However, let’s read how our military hero will cope with this new life amidst his struggles to find the one who killed him.

10. Girls Of The Wild’s

girls of the wild's manhwa

Some of you might be looking for manhwa with an OP MC who is a girl. So my friends, Girls Of The Wild’s is for you; it’s the action-packed, entertaining manhwa that loves to amaze its readers.

Yoon is the MC of this fantastic martial arts-based Korean webtoon. Well, the story lacks a spark without the male opponents. Yes, Yoon is a student of an all-girls school, but things become fascinating when the school decides to allow the boys to participate in the tournament.

This one is one of the best school manhwa with an OP MC! You can trust me on that! Besides, if you love watching girl action, you can’t afford to miss this one.

9. Get Schooled

get schooled manhwa

Until now, we have seen high school students either getting bullied or beating the bullies, but this one has a twist. Instead of the students, we have a brilliant teacher who vows to teach the bullies an unforgettable lesson.

Get Schooled teaches lessons on and off-screen because this thrilling manhwa sure knows how to impact its readers. Seeing a teacher being OP is what makes this story spell-binding. If we only talk about the MC, then this only would be a justified reason to binge-read this one.

8. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

a returner's magic should be special manhwa

What if you ever get a chance to change your past? That sounds fascinating, and what The Returner’s Magic Should Be Special is all about. Desir Arman is our hero who has seen and experienced one of the worst scenarios in life. He saw his loved ones dying in the shadow world named Shadow Labyrinth.

Desir experienced near-death situations, and finally, his life gave him a chance to change his future. He found himself a few years back in his life when he was still a student of the magical academy. Now our OP MC vows to change the history leading to the demise of his loved ones. How he got back to his past and what he would do to change the future are the questions you will have to find yourself by reading this epic manhwa.

7. The Breaker

the breaker manhwa

This series, again, is one of the most loved manhwa with an OP MC in school. If you are a big fan of Jackie Chan’s The Karate Kid, you will love this webtoon since it has a somewhat similar plotline. It is the story of a boy named Shioon, who often bullies targets. Some people change others’ lives by just being in it, and the teacher plays the same role in Shioon’s life.

Chun-Woo turned out to be an English teacher in the boy’s school. The teacher scolded the boy for being weak after seeing him getting beaten. At first, our boy didn’t know about the capabilities of his teacher, but one day he saw him using his martial arts against some guys.

This event made him curious, and the teacher inspired him; therefore, he decided to learn martial arts from him by hook or crook. So, one thing is for sure you can expect action and an interesting bond between a teacher and his student.

6. Study Group

study group manhwa

Study Group manhwa is the story of a struggling student named Gamin who fails despite trying his best to get good grades. Even after trying his best with the help of a tutor, there were no improvements. He dreams of studying at a 4-year college and is now a student in one of the most dangerous schools to fulfill his dream.

This is the school of delinquents, where almost everyone is entangled in harmful activities, and no one is interested in studying. Only stronger ones can survive because bullying is pretty common here. However, our boy tries his level best to keep him away from such troubles, but the twist is this isn’t that easy! So are you interested in knowing whether he would be able to survive just by staying away from problems or he would have to fight?

5. UnOrdinary

unordinary manhwa

UnOrdinary is a story of a high school student named John. The world he lives in isn’t an ordinary one but of powers, and people living there have supernatural abilities. Despite not showing any capabilities, he never hesitates to fight against the powerful bullies. But John seems to be harboring a secret that could very well change the status quo!

Imagine one fighting against someone far stronger than him. That sounds unrealistic, but that’s the beauty of this manhwa. While John may not seem like a fighter, he usually loses control and destroys his opponents without mercy when he is fighting. This Korean webtoon is undoubtedly full of entertaining actions and has an intriguing story.

4. Nano Machine

nano machine manhwa

There is martial arts, suspense, fantasy, and whatnot in Nano Machine! Just get ready to experience a thrilling ride of fun and entertainment. Cheon Yeo-Woon is the MC of the story whose not-so-ordinary life becomes even more exciting when a guy inserts a nano-machine inside his body.

To your surprise, the guy is none other than his descendant! He has come to the past to change Cheon’s life. The art is excellent, character development is fantastic, and the MC is OP and ruthless. However, the question here arises: how would our hero operate such advanced technology living in the past? I am sure you would enjoy the deadly fights in this manhwa.

3. Weak Hero

weak hero manhwa

Weak Hero is the perfect fit for those who admire reading manhwa, where the bullies are taught a lesson. Gray is our MC who leaves everyone in awe after joining the school. He vows to change the tradition of bullying the weakest guys.

The entertaining part is that you won’t find the hero the strongest from the first glimpse, but that’s the beauty of this manhwa. Secondly, this is a manhwa where the main character is cold, so you might find it entertaining. In short, this manhwa offers a lot more than one can imagine.

2. Teenage Mercenary

teenage mercenary manhwa

Ahh, mercenaries are always worth admiring, and if you have the same thoughts as me, please welcome, Ijin, our MC of Teenage Mercenary. This hero had a sad past where he had no choice except to be a mercenary because his parents died in an accident (plane crash).

After spending some time as a mercenary, he returns to his homeland and joins the high school. This manhwa highlights the troubles of a mercenary. Our hero struggles to cope with the everyday problems of a teenager and, above all, as a high schooler.

1. The Beginning After The End

the beginning after the end manhwa

We all make mistakes, and at the end of the day, some regret and some don’t. However, what if you have spent your life making mistakes and are offered another chance to live your life? Somehow the same is the case with our protagonist, King Grey.

He got another chance to live his life in the magical world where monsters roam here and there. Now our MC would try his best to learn from his past experiences to do better in his new life. The Beginning after the End is one of the best manhwa with a fantastic storyline, gripping characters, and excellent world-building. If you like reading good stories, you should definitely not ignore this title and pick it up immediately!

What Are Your Favorite School Manhwa of 2022?

Okay, friends, I hope you felt entertained while reading the list of entries. I tried to enlist almost every type of school manhwa with OP MC, including where the MC is OP right from the beginning and manhwa where the MC is bullied.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and about your favorite manhwa. I would love to know what it takes for a manhwa to be your favorite.

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