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My Hero Academia Filler List (2021) – Complete Episodes Guide!

My Hero Academia has become one of the best selling stories right now, and is also one of the best anime of all time in my opinion. After the huge success of the manga series, it premiered it’s first anime season which became quite popular and the fan-base exploded. Right now, there are 4 seasons with 88 episodes aired and the 5th season is airing at the time of writing this! So, if you are looking for the entire episodes guide with fillers to avoid, then you’re at the right place!

My Hero Academia follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, a boy who is born without any superpowers (known as “quirks”) in the world where having superpowers has become a norm. But that doesn’t stop him from dreaming big as he wants to follow in the footsteps of his favorite superhero, All Might, and become the number one hero as well.

Despite having no quirk whatsoever, he doesn’t hesitate at all when his friend is attacked by a villain and he jumps in to save him. His efforts are recognized by none other than All Might himself as he arrives on the location and he later decides to pass his own quirk, known as One for All, to the young boy. After receiving the quirk of his favorite superhero, he starts a rigorous training regime to bring out all 100% of his power without damaging his body.

He even enters the U.A. High School, which cultivates the next generation of superheroes, and along with this friends, undergoes harsh training over there to control his quirk while balancing the regular school life as well.

But all is not good as Izuku and the other students in his class cross paths with the League of Villains, an organization established by All Might’s arch-enemy, All for One, in order to destroy the entire Hero society.

My Hero Academia Filler List!

The anime show, unlike One Piece, doesn’t run all-year long but is split between multiple seasons. So, here is the breakdown of all the episodes aired in a given season.

Season 1: 1 to 13 Episodes
Season 2: 14 to 38 Episodes
Season 3: 39 to 63 Episodes
Season 4: 64 to 88 Episodes
Season 5: Currently Airing

Below is the list where you will find all the information regarding the all the episodes in all the seasons including the air date, the title of the episode and whether it is canon of filler!

No.TitleTypeAir Date
1.Izuku Midoriya: OriginMostly CANON2016-04-03
2.What it Takes to be a HeroMostly CANON2016-04-10
3.Roaring MusclesCANON2016-04-17
4.Start LineCANON2016-04-24
5.What I Can Do for NowCANON2016-05-01
6.Rage, You Damn NerdCANON2016-05-08
7.Deku vs. KacchanCANON2016-05-15
8.Bakugo's Start LineCANON2016-05-22
9.Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Iida!CANON2016-05-29
10.Encounter with the UnknownCANON2016-06-05
11.Game OverCANON2016-06-12
12.All MightCANON2016-06-19
13.Upon Each of Their HeartsCANON2016-06-26
14.That's the Idea, OchacoCANON2017-04-01
15.Roaring Sports FestivalCANON2017-04-08
16.In Their Own Quirky WaysCANON2017-04-15
17.Strategy, Strategy, StrategyCANON2017-04-22
18.Cavalry Battle FinaleCANON2017-04-29
19.The Boy Born with EverythingCANON2017-05-06
20.Victory or DefeatCANON2017-05-13
21.Battle On, Challengers!CANON2017-05-20
22.Bakugo vs. UrarakaCANON2017-05-27
23.Shoto Todoroki: OriginCANON2017-06-03
24.Fight On, IidaCANON2017-06-10
25.Todoroki vs. BakugoCANON2017-06-17
26.Time to Pick Some NamesCANON2017-06-24
27.Bizarre! Gran Torino AppearsCANON2017-07-08
28.Midoriya and ShigarakiCANON2017-07-15
29.Hero Killer: Stain vs. U.A. StudentsCANON2017-07-22
31.The Aftermath of "Hero Killer: Stain"Mostly CANON2017-08-05
32.Everyone's InternshipsFILLER2017-08-12
33.Listen Up!! A Tale from the PastCANON2017-08-19
34.Gear Up for the Final ExamsMostly CANON2017-09-02
35.Yaoyorozu: RisingCANON2017-09-09
36.Stripping the VarnishCANON2017-09-16
37.Katsuki Bakugo: OriginCANON2017-09-23
39.Game StartMostly FILLER2018-04-07
40.Wild, Wild PussycatsMostly CANON2018-04-14
42.My HeroCANON2018-04-28
43.Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!!CANON2018-05-05
44.Roaring UpheavalCANON2018-05-12
45.What A Twist!CANON2018-05-19
46.From Iida to MidoriyaCANON2018-05-26
47.All for OneCANON2018-06-02
48.Symbol of PeaceCANON2018-06-09
49.One for AllCANON2018-06-16
50.End of the Beginning, Beginning of the EndCANON2018-06-23
51.Moving into DormsCANON2018-06-30
52.Create Those Ultimate MovesCANON2018-07-14
53.The TestCANON2018-07-21
54.Shiketsu High LurkingMostly CANON2018-07-28
55.Class 1-AMostly CANON2018-08-04
57.Rescue ExercisesCANON2018-08-18
58.Special Episode: Save the World with Love!FILLER2018-08-25
59.What's the Big Idea?CANON2018-09-01
60.A Talk About Your QuirkCANON2018-09-08
61.Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2CANON2018-09-15
62.A Season for EncountersCANON2018-09-22
64.The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-AFILLER2019-10-12
66.Boy Meets...CANON2019-10-26
67.Fighting FateCANON2019-11-09
68.Let's Go, Gutsy Red RiotCANON2019-11-16
69.An Unpleasant TalkCANON2019-11-23
71.Suneater of the Big ThreeCANON2019-12-07
72.Red RiotCANON2019-12-14
69.An Unpleasant TalkCANON2019-11-23
71.Suneater of the Big ThreeCANON2019-12-07
72.Red RiotCANON2019-12-14
73.Temp SquadCANON2019-12-21
75.Unforeseen HopeCANON2020-01-04
76.Infinite 100%CANON2020-01-11
77.Bright FutureCANON2020-01-18
78.Smoldering FlamesCANON2020-01-25
79.Win Those Kids' HeartsCANON2020-02-01
80.Relief for License TraineesCANON2020-02-08
81.School FestivalCANON2020-02-15
82.Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest PartCANON2020-02-22
83.Golden Tips ImperialCANON2020-02-29
84.Deku vs. Gentle CriminalCANON2020-03-07
85.School Festival Start!!CANON2020-03-14
86.Let It Flow! School Festival!CANON2020-03-21
87.Japanese Hero Billboard ChartCANON2020-03-28
88.His StartCANON2020-04-04
89.All Hands on Deck! Class 1-ACANON2021-03-27
91.Clash! Class A vs. Class BCANON2021-04-10
92.Make It Happen, Shinso!CANON2021-04-17

Complete My Hero Academia Episodes Guide!

The show is unlike other anime shows like One Piece or Black Clover because they release a certain number of episodes per season every year. This allows them to have breathing space and the time to work on the animation and the story without rushing into anything.

That’s the reason why there aren’t many filler episodes in the show. In fact, out of 88 episodes aired so far, there are only 4 My Hero Academia filler episodes, and those are worth watching as well.

So, before having a look at the episodes guide, let’s have a look at what you can expect from the individual seasons, starting from the first one!

My Hero Academia – Season 1

The first season of the show had only one cour and lasted for 13 episodes. The season introduced our main character, his mentor, his rival and the high school where he will eventually enroll and make new friends. So, the first season didn’t have much action until the final few episodes when the League of Villains was introduced and All Might’s true power was displayed. Plus, we got to see Tomura Shigaraki, the leader of the League of Villains, and the soon-to-be arch-enemy of Izuku.

Total no. of episodes – 13

my hero academia filler episodes
My Hero Academia – Season 1!

My Hero Academia – Season 2

After the amazing response that the first season received, the second season had two cours which lasted for 25 episodes. This means that the anime was able to cover three story arcs in the 2nd season of Boku no Hero Academia.

The first arc was the ‘Sports Festival Arc’ where the students of U.A. High School faced off against each another in multiple battles involving both strategic thinking and proper use of powers. This sports festival allowed the pro-heroes to find new interns they can train, and the students got a chance to work in the real world and see how the what the “hero” life can be like!

The second arc was the ‘Hero Killer Stain Arc’ and focused on Stain who wants to destroy the current society. He things that the heroes should be noble and shouldn’t seek rewards for their service, and so goes around attacking any hero he can find.

And finally, we had the ‘Final Exams Arc’ where the students of Class 1-A had to take both practical and written test and also fight against their teachers in order to pass.

Total no. of episodes – 25 (from episode 14-38)

my hero academia filler guide
My Hero Academia – Season 2!

My Hero Academia – Season 3

Season 3 was also a 2 cour affair with 25 episodes in total and covered 3 story arcs. The first arc was the ‘Forest Training Camp Arc’ where the students of Class 1-A and Class 1-B goes to a training camp in the forest under the supervision of a pro-hero team. However, they are attacked by an elite squad of villains who are there to kidnap a few students.

The second arc was the ‘Hideout Raid Arc’ where the Pro Heroes and the Police form a team to attack the League of Villains and rescue the kidnapped student. This arc ended in one of the most epic ways, packed with both action and emotion, as All Might faced off against his arch-enemy All for One!

Finally, there was the ‘Provisional Hero License Exam Arc’ where the students had to undergo various tests in order to earn provisional hero licenses that will enable them to intern under pro-heroes and take action when needed. The show finally ended by introducing a new villain group, led by a former yakuza member, and setting up the story arc for the upcoming season.

Total no. of episodes – 25 (from episode 39-63)

boku no hero academia filler episodes
My Hero Academia – Season 3!

My Hero Academia – Season 4

The 4th season of the show begins as the U.A. students enter the second semester and the students are now applying for internships to further their studies. Izuku applies to Sir Nighteye’s office, who once upon a time was All Might’s sidekick. But there’s a multi-office investigation going on regarding a certain Yakuza group which leads to an all-out brawl!

The season also covers 2 more story arcs, the “Remedial Course Arc” where Bakugou and Todoroki have to take remedial courses; and the “U.A. School Festival Arc” where the students finally find some time to behave like students and have some fun!


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