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Boruto Filler List (2021) – The Complete Guide to All Episodes!

I am sure you are a fan of the entire Naruto Shippuden series which is the reason why you are about to watch it’s spin-off, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. It originally aired as a standalone movie, but seeing how popular it was, the creators soon announced an anime series which follows the exploits of the next generation of shinobi in a ninja world more peaceful than it ever was. But, like both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Boruto anime also has a problem of filler episodes due to lack of original manga content. You know it too which is the reason why you are looking for the Boruto filler episodes list in order to avoid them!

Boruto Uzumaki is the son of Naruto Uzumaki and the protagonist of the new show, and although the shinobi world is now enjoying the peace after the war, there are new threats emerging that may very well destroy everything that the heroes have built. The show focuses on the newer generation of ninjas, the sons and daughters of the characters from the previous shows, and shows off their exploits and how they are different from the characters we grew up watching!

The Boruto: Naruto Next Generation anime series follows a different structure than other anime shows. Normally, when a manga gets extremely popular, an anime show is announced on it and the chapters are then animated and converted into episodes. The episodes not following the story of the manga are termed as “fillers” as they contribute nothing to the original, and the main, storyline.

However, that’s not the case with Boruto because the characters, and the new shinobi world, was first shown in a movie. Since the movie turned out to be quite popular, a spin-off series was ordered to take the show forward focusing on the new generation.

boruto: naruto next generations filler list

Apart from the anime, there’s a manga as well that releases new chapters on a monthly basis. However, the anime didn’t adapt the manga chapters in the beginning, which means that most of the earlier episodes of Boruto anime are technically filler episodes, but it’s better to term them as “anime-canon” episodes. The show begins from the very start of the newer generation, from the time when the characters aren’t even enrolled in the Academy. Essentially speaking, the story in the manga takes place a few years ahead of the story in the anime, so you can consider the anime to be a sort of prequel series. It does adapt chapters from side-stories, but there is still a lot of guiding you’ll need to keep watching the anime without losing track of the real storyline.

But it’s been a few years since the anime went on-air and it has given some really cool story arcs, and is now slowly getting to the story that the manga featured. So, it’s definitely worth watching if you are a fan of the series and want to get back to the world of shinobis!

The Ultimate Boruto Filler List

No.TitleTypeAir Date
1.Boruto Uzumaki!CANON2017-04-05
2.The Hokage's Son!CANON2017-04-12
3.Metal Lee Goes Wild!CANON2017-04-19
4.A Ninjutsu Battle of the Sexes!CANON2017-04-26
5.The Mysterious Transfer Student!CANON2017-05-03
6.The Final Lesson!CANON2017-05-10
7.Love and Potato Chips!CANON2017-05-17
8.The Dream's RevelationCANON2017-05-24
9.Proof of OneselfCANON2017-05-31
10.The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!CANON2017-06-07
11.The Shadow of the MastermindCANON2017-06-14
12.Boruto and MitsukiCANON2017-06-21
13.The Demon Beast Appears!CANON2017-06-28
14.The Path That Boruto Can SeeCANON2017-07-05
15.A New PathCANON2017-07-12
16.Crisis: The Threat of Failing!FILLER2017-07-19
17.Run, Sarada!FILLER2017-07-26
18.A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki FamilyFILLER2017-08-02
19.Sarada UchihaCANON2017-08-09
20.The Boy with the SharinganCANON2017-08-16
21.Sasuke and SaradaCANON2017-08-23
22.Connected FeelingsCANON2017-08-30
23.Bonds Come in All ShapesCANON2017-09-06
24.Boruto and SaradaFILLER2017-09-13
25.The Turbulent Field Trip!!CANON2017-09-20
26.The Mizukage's SuccessorCANON2017-09-27
27.A Shinobi Bout of FriendshipCANON2017-10-04
28.Declaration of WarCANON2017-10-11
29.The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen!CANON2017-10-18
30.The Sharingan vs. The Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang!CANON2017-10-25
31.Boruto and KaguraCANON2017-11-01
32.The Quest for SouvenirsCANON2017-11-08
33.The Super Beast Scroll Slump!FILLER2017-11-15
34.The Night of the Shooting StarsCANON2017-11-22
35.The Parent Teacher Conference!CANON2017-11-29
36.The Graduation Exam Begins!CANON2017-12-06
37.A Shinobi's ResolveCANON2017-12-13
38.Formation of the Three-Man Squad?CANON2017-12-20
39.The Path Lit by the Full MoonCANON2017-12-27
40.Team 7: The First Mission!FILLER2018-01-10
41.Strength in UnityFILLER2018-01-17
42.A Ninja's JobFILLER2018-01-24
43.The Byakuya Gang Surfaces!FILLER2018-01-31
44.Shikadai’s DoubtsFILLER2018-02-07
45.Memories from the Day of SnowFILLER2018-02-14
46.Go! The Crest of Night StrategyFILLER2018-02-21
47.The Figure I Want to BeFILLER2018-02-28
48.The Genin DocumentaryFILLER2018-03-07
49.Wasabi and NamidaFILLER2018-03-14
50.The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation MeetingFILLER2018-03-21
51.Boruto's BirthdayCANON2018-03-28
52.Sasuke's ShadowFILLER2018-04-04
53.Himawari's BirthdayCANON2018-04-11
54.Sasuke and BorutoCANON2018-04-18
55.The Scientific Ninja ToolCANON2018-04-25
56.Rivals, Gather!CANON2018-05-03
57.The Reason I Can't LoseCANON2018-05-10
58.The Tournament Begins!CANON2018-05-17
59.Boruto vs. ShikadaiCANON2018-05-24
60.The Hidden Leaf vs. The Hidden SandFILLER2018-05-31
61.The Iron Sand User: ShinkiCANON2018-06-07
62.The Otsutsuki InvasionCANON2018-06-14
63.Sasuke's Secret WeaponCANON2018-06-28
64.Rescuing Naruto!CANON2018-07-05
65.Father and ChildCANON2018-07-19
66.My Story!CANON2018-07-26
67.Super Cho-Cho Butterfly Mode!FILLER2018-08-02
68.Super Cho-Cho Kiss Mode!FILLER2018-08-09
69.Super Cho-Cho Love Upheaval!FILLER2018-08-16
70.The Other Side of AnxietyFILLER2018-08-23
71.The Hardest Rock in the WorldFILLER2018-08-30
72.Mitsuki’s WillFILLER2018-09-06
73.The Other Side of the MoonFILLER2018-09-13
74.The Enemy, Ino-Shika-Cho!FILLER2018-09-20
75.The Trials of Ryuchi CaveFILLER2018-09-20
76.Incurring WrathFILLER2018-10-07
77.A Fierce Enemy: Garaga’s Ferocious Attack!FILLER2018-10-14
78.Everyone’s MotivesFILLER2018-10-21
79.Meeting Again, Mitsuki…!!FILLER2018-10-28
80.Mitsuki’s FriendsFILLER2018-11-04
81.Boruto's WishFILLER2018-11-11
82.Infiltrating the Hidden Stone VillageFILLER2018-11-18
83.Ohnoki’s JusticeFILLER2018-11-25
84.Ohnoki's Thoughts, Ku's ThoughtsFILLER2018-12-02
85.Heart of StoneFILLER2018-12-09
86.Kozuchi's WillFILLER2018-12-16
87.The Sensation of LivingFILLER2018-12-23
88.Clash: Kokuyou!FILLER2019-01-06
89.A Piercing HeartFILLER2019-01-13
90.Mitsuki and SekieiFILLER2019-01-20
91.Ohnoki's WillFILLER2019-01-27
92.A New RoutineFILLER2019-02-03
93.Parent and Child DayMostly CANON2019-02-10
94.A Heaping Helping! The Eating Contest!FILLER2019-02-17
95.Tactics for Getting Along with Your DaughterFILLER2019-02-24
96.Blood, Sweat, and NamidaFILLER2019-03-03
97.Shikadai's DecisionFILLER2019-03-10
98.The Cursed ForestFILLER2019-03-17
99.Jugo And the Cursed PathFILLER2019-03-24
100.The Predestined PathFILLER2019-03-31
101.Jugo's ReinforcementsFILLER2019-04-07
103.Migration SeasonFILLER2019-04-21
104.The Little RoommateFILLER2019-04-28
105.A Wound on the HeartFILLER2019-05-05
106.The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The S-Rank Mission!FILLER2019-05-12
107.The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Dog and Cat War!FILLER2019-05-19
108.The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Haunted Inn!FILLER2019-05-26
109.The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Potato Chips and the Giant Boulder!FILLER2019-06-02
110.The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Resurrection Hot Springs!FILLER2019-06-09
111.The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Mirai's King!FILLER2019-06-16
112.The Chunin Selection ConferenceFILLER2019-06-23
113.The Qualities of CaptainFILLER2019-06-30
114.X Cards Proxy War!FILLER2019-07-07
115.Team 25FILLER2019-07-14
116.Konohamaru and RemonFILLER2019-07-21
117.Remon's SecretFILLER2019-07-28
118.Something That Steals MemoriesFILLER2019-08-04
119.Konohamaru’s Ninja WayFILLER2019-08-11
120.With Sasuke as the GoalFILLER2019-08-18
121.The Entrusted Mission: Protect the One-Tails!FILLER2019-08-25
122.The Puppet Battle!FILLER2019-09-01
123.Urashiki ReturnsFILLER2019-09-08
124.Decision TimeFILLER2019-09-15
125.Boruto and ShinkiFILLER2019-09-22
126.Shukaku's TrickFILLER2019-09-29
127.Make-Out TacticsFILLER2019-10-06
128.Urashiki's TargetFILLER2019-10-13
129.The Village Hidden in the LeavesFILLER2019-10-20
130.Genin, Assemble!FILLER2019-10-27
131.The Power of the Nine-TailsFILLER2019-11-03
132.Jiraiya’s AssignmentFILLER2019-11-10
133.A Village Without SasukeFILLER2019-11-24
134.The Power to See the FutureFILLER2019-12-01
135.Final Decisive Battle, UrashikiFILLER2019-12-08
136.Crossing Time!FILLER2019-12-15
137.The Samurai Exchange StudentFILLER2019-12-22
138.Hiashi's BirthdayFILLER2019-12-29
139.The Terror! Enko OnikumaFILLER2020-01-12
140.The Mind Jutsu that Lost to Potato ChipsFILLER2020-01-19
141.The Shinobi Prison: Hozuki CastleFILLER2020-01-26
142.A Test of WillpowerFILLER2020-02-02
143.The Criminal Targeting KokuriFILLER2020-02-09
144.Kokuri's SecretFILLER2020-02-16
145.Breaking Out of Hōzuki CastleFILLER2020-02-23
146.Executing the Prison Break!FILLER2020-03-01
147.The Fateful Moonlit BattleFILLER2020-03-08
148.A New Mission!!CANON2020-03-15
150.The Value of a Hidden AceCANON2020-03-29
151.Boruto And TentoCANON2020-04-05
152.Developing One's Medical NinjutsuFILLER2020-04-12
153.Harmony in GoldFILLER2020-04-19
154.Himawari's Ninja Trial SessionFILLER2020-04-26
155.Mitsuki's Rainy DayFILLER2020-07-05
156.I Can't Stay in My Slim FormFILLER2020-07-12
157.Kara's FootprintsFILLER2020-07-19
158.The Man Who DisappearedFILLER2020-07-26
159.The Hashirama CellFILLER2020-08-02
160.To the Land of SilenceFILLER2020-08-09
161.The Castle of NightmaresFILLER2020-08-16
162.Escaping the Tightening NetFILLER2020-08-23
163.The PursuersFILLER2020-08-30
164.The Forbidden Jutsu of DeathFILLER2020-09-06
165.The Quadruplets' DutyFILLER2020-09-13
166.Death MatchFILLER2020-09-20
167.Their DecisionFILLER2020-09-27
168.Training Begins!FILLER2020-10-04
169.A Joint Mission with the SandFILLER2020-10-11
170.A New RasenganFILLER2020-10-18
171.The Results of TrainingFILLER2020-10-25
172.A Signature of FearFILLER2020-11-01
173.The Secret Behind the Underground RoomFILLER2020-11-08
174.The Revival of the God TreeFILLER2020-11-15
175.Beyond The Limits!FILLER2020-11-22
176.Blockade the A-Un Gate!FILLER2020-11-29
177.The Iron Wall's Sensing SystemFILLER2020-12-06
178.Our Father's ExampleFILLER2020-12-13
179.Victor's SchemeFILLER2020-12-20
180.The Assassin, MuginoFILLER2020-12-27
181.The VesselCANON2021-01-10
186.How You Use ItCANON2021-02-14
188.The AwakeningCANON2021-02-28
191.A Stray DogFILLER2021-03-21
192.The PastCANON2021-03-28
194.The Uzumaki FamilyCANON2021-04-11
195.The Flower VaseCANON2021-04-18
196.A Power That ConnectsCANON2021-04-25


I hope that this article, and the episodes guide, cleared up most of the doubts in your mind and gave you a clear idea as to which episodes are important to watch and which ones can be avoided.In my opinion though, this anime is unique and I would recommend you to watch all the episodes, no matter how childish some of them may seem. Go through the first few arcs, and if you don’t like them, stick to the canon episodes!

If you liked the article, and it helped you in watching the show, then share the Boruto filler episodes list with your friends as well so that they too can follow this episode guide and watch the show properly!

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