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21 Best Anime Traps That Will Leave You Shocked (2022)

Anime traps is a word that you might have come across quite recently, which made you curious enough to go on the Internet and find out if this is a general thing or just one exception. And let me tell you, that the anime show you are watching isn’t the only one with a trap character that left you shocked by their gender reveal!

There are a lot of times in anime where we as viewers feel a sense of betrayal. You find yourself rooting for a character when all of a sudden you realize you don’t know them as well as you think you do. Why? Because that one character you thought was a cute anime girl, turned out to be a guy this entire time. And it happens is reverse as well, when a character who looks like a guy is in fact a girl, but it doesn’t happen as much as the former.

True to their name, “traps” are cleverly disguised individuals used to bait the audience into thinking they’re of a different gender to increase the overall attraction towards them and the anime they represent. But don’t let this fool you. These characters are as good as they come! And this list will show you only the best of the best anime trap characters in the business.

The Best Anime Traps of 2022

1. Shiota Nagisa (Assassination Classroom)

shiota nagisa

Assassination Classroom is a beloved anime within the community that chronicles the adventures of a group of inadequate students tasked with killing a nigh-indestructible alien. One of these students just so happens to be the main character, Shiota Nagisa.

Nagisa is often reserved and timid due to a deeply rooted sense of insecurity. We learn that Nagisa has quite a few screws loose throughout his time on screen. Despite this, he’s able to adapt and adjust to situations ordinary people would otherwise be terrified in, like being held at knifepoint without flinching. There’s a lot to love about this character, including how adorable he is.

2. Hime Arikawa (Himegoto)

hime arikawa

Hailing from Shimoshina High School, Hime Arikawa is underappreciated and underrated. This pink-haired softie is the protagonist of the slice-of-life series Himegoto. He’s introduced to us as an elder brother struggling to pay off his parents’ debts left to him.

One thing leads to another, and the girls in the student council help him pay off this debt… At the price of wearing a maid uniform! Hime is constantly toyed with and teased by the girls. Couple this with his uptight but friendly personality, this makes for some hilarious situations you’re sure to remember for days to come.

3. Haku (Naruto)


I know that I’m not only speaking for myself when I say this one caught me off guard. Haku is one of the first antagonists introduced to us in Kishimoto’s megahit series Naruto, and he’s sure to leave a profound impression on many.

His icy-cold jutsus, innate battle sense, and undying loyalty to his superior Zabuza are almost enough to distract you from the dazzlingly handsome face behind his mask. Though we only met him for a short time, Haku is undoubtedly a fan favorite within the franchise and one of the best anime traps ever!

4. Ruka Urushibara (Steins;Gate)

ruka urushibara

Our next contender is a collaborator in a series of time-traveling high jinks. Ruka Urushibara is a side character we’re introduced to early on in the series that everybody (viewers and characters in the show included) seems to confuse for a girl.

Though bearing a high-pitched voice and timid demeanor, Ruka is indeed male but enjoys cross-dressing. Steins;Gate plays on this fact quite heavily, using Ruka’s confusing persona to lighten up the mood and bring us a collection of awkward but wholesome moments.

5. Saika Totsuka (Oregairu)

saika totsuka

Saika is what you get when you cross a three-week-old kitten with a lemon cupcake. As the captain of his tennis team and local trap, Saika is the beacon of light for all members (male and female) that constantly shines in their hearts and spurs them to victory.

As with all characters in Oregairu, Saika is a layered individual. He’s aware of the confusions that arise due to his appearance and is quite wholesome despite this, even blushing when confronted by other men. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth and gentle character, then Saika is your guy.

6. Gasper Vladi (Highschool DxD)

Highschool DxD is widely known as one of the most popular ecchi titles in the business, and also the anime featuring one of the biggest anime traps you’ll ever see. Gasper is a half-human half-vampire, or Dhampir, that enjoys cross-dressing and one of the cast’s most vital members.

Sporting a little box with him wherever he goes, Gasper is another shy member of the trap familia, as you will come to notice, is a staple amongst their kind. Though not the boldest, he will always give his all when helping his friends. This time-stopping vampire is one individual you don’t want to mess with.

7. Rui Ninomiya (Gatchaman Crowds)

rui ninomiya

Rui Ninomiya strives to answer in a world that’s in dire need of saving. As the creator of a significant social networking website GALAX, Rui believes that the world isn’t run the right way. He sought to fix this by disguising himself in both name and body.

By cross-dressing as a girl and going by the alias LOAD, Rui sets out to make the world match his ideal through coding. Together with his artificial intelligence partner X, join Rui and the rest of the G-Crew in Gatchaman Crowds to see all the crazy adventures they get into.

8. Aoi Hyoudou (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!)

aoi hyoudou

There’s no list of anime characters that’s complete without a tsundere. Enter Aoi Hyoudou, a smug-faced but easily embarrassed teenager that’s a part of Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama.

Unlike most anime traps, Aoi uses their androgynous appearance to their advantage, deceiving men to the point that they fall in love with him and even making a career as an idol online. However, there is a depth to him. This forced bravado results from a history of bullying and insecurity stemming from his past. I’m sure anybody that gives this series a chance will soon find themselves falling for Aoi too.

9. Ritsu Souma (Fruits Basket)

ritsu souma

Fruits Basket is a critically acclaimed shoujo series known for its cast’s diversity and intricacy. Born with an anxiety disorder he inherited from his parents, Ritsu is known to be a bit of a clutz and an airhead. As a child, he was prone to falling behind others in school and eventually develops an inferiority complex about himself, believing he can’t do anything right.

To comfort himself, he begins dressing up as a girl. However, this eventually causes more problems for his parents and his self-esteem. Those that watch Fruits Basket will find themselves rooting for Rui every chance they get.

10. Tsukimiya Ringo (Uta no Prince-sama)

tsukumiya ringo

Our next esteemed member of the trap association is the sassy idol, Tsukiyama Ringo. He was told by his management agency to take advantage of his feminine looks and instead begin dressing as a woman.

This leads to hilarious situations with people not recognizing Tsukiyama as a man, and he, in turn, loses his composure every time. Uta No Prince-Sama sports a cast of energetic and emphatic characters like Tsukiyama and is a must-watch for any fans of music and anime alike.

11. Tetra (Log Horizon)

There’s just something about anime traps and being idols. Tetra is quite literally the life of the party in the acclaimed isekai anime Log Horizon. The pink-haired diva is initially mistaken for a girl due to his obsession with a cross-dressing and high-pitched voice.

He makes sure to take advantage of this by seducing any unsuspecting fools into attending his personalized concerts. Tetra gives life to the city of Akihabara, and when on the battlefield, he is a reliable support player that you can always count on.

12. Honjo Kamatari (Ruroni Kenshin)

honjo kamatari

In a samurai world, loyalty is the number one quality and Honjo Kamatari is the perfect example of this trope. As a member of the main antagonist Shishio’s Juppongatana, Honjo serves as one of the enemy forces’ backbones.

He is an easy-going cross-dresser that takes great pride in his feminine traits, going as far as chastising anybody that even dares to try to hurt his face. However, his aggressive fighting style and calm demeanor are all blinds to hide his unrequited feelings. This melancholic samurai is a much-appreciated addition to an already impressive list of characters Rurouni Kenshin has to offer.

13. Aoi Futaba (You’re Under Arrest)

aoi futaba

Aoi Futaba is an officer who joined Bokuto Station in the first season of You’re Under Arrest. Initially assumed to be a woman, Aoi is a transgender man.

Aoi had originally dressed as a woman to go undercover as a decoy to catch a serial rapist in the vice unit and, in the process, “went native.” Now, Aoi is more feminine in appearance and personality than any of the station’s women. This cute enforcer of justice is sure to brighten up your day!

14. Felix Argyle (Re:ZERO)

felix argyle

Commonly referred to as “Ferris”, Felix enjoys cross-dressing as a woman and teasing any who mistaken his gender by speaking in a cutesy manner. When he puts the trolling aside, Felix shows his true colors as a magnificent healer, although this causes him to have a bleak outlook on those that do not hold their lives dear to them.

This somewhat grim behavior is commonplace in Re: Zero and any that are looking for a dark fantasy will definitely want to check this show out.

15. Astolfo (Fate/Apocrypha)


The Fate series is known for its super-sonic battles and homage to legendary heroes. In one of its many installments, we’re introduced to the mighty warrior Astolfo. In contrast to the more serious combatants in the show, Astolfo is a very playful and jovial character that isn’t afraid to deviate from his role in the holy grail war, a battle royale-styled tournament in which he must compete.

Due to his handsome appearance and clothing choice, he’s often mistaken for a girl, not that he minds. This character is a fan-favorite among the community, and I encourage any reading this to watch Fate/Apocrypha to find out why.

16. Fish Eye (Sailor Moon SuperS)

fish eye

Sailor Moon is a franchise that many are familiar with for its fairytale-like aesthetic. Fish Eye is a member of an antagonist group in the series that stays true to this statement. Formerly a literal fish, he bears a cute, borderline female appearance, but his body is quite clearly that of a man.

Though a villain, this does not take away from his charm, as he enjoys tricking men and luring them into his grasp. With the ability to infiltrate the dreams of others, this handsome devil, or should I say fish, will definitely keep you glued to your screen.

17. Shidou Mariya (Maria†Holic)

shidou mariya

We’ve seen anime traps use their appearance for various reasons, but none as crafty as Shidou Mariya. As the deuteragonist of the story, Mariya dresses as his twin, Shidou Shizu, to win the student president’s position in both the all-male and all-female schools they attend.

Using his persona as a trap to his advantage, Mariya is avidly pursuing this goal to satisfy his late grandmother’s wishes, the schools’ former chairman. Those who have been looking for a character that thinks on their feet and their clothes look no further. Mariya is sure to answer all your needs!

18. Chihiro Fujisaki (Danganronpa)

chihiro fujisaki

Chihiro is a cast member of the popular video game and anime franchise Danganronpa who possesses a rather timid and meek personality. These traits were born from a deep-seated sense of inferiority he acquired as a child due to being frail and weak.

To compensate for this, he began dressing as a girl to cause others to think his appearance matches his personality. With his incredible programming skills, Chihiro is a critical factor to the narrative and watching him overcome his insecurities is sure to warm the hearts of many.

19. Makoto (Minami-ke)


People will go above and beyond for those that they love and Minami-Ke’s Makoto embodies this saying. After falling out with his close friend, Makoto has no way to see his crush, who just so happens to be the friend’s sibling.

He’s offered a way to fix this predicament… by dressing as a maid! Through his cross-dressing antics, Makoto can visit his crush regularly without anybody suspecting his identity. Although uncomfortable at first, he soon grows into his cross-dressing role, and I’m sure any that watch this show will grow to enjoy this comedic display too.

20. Hayate Ayasaki (Hayate The Combat Butler)

hayate ayasaki

Hayate is a butler employed by the Sanzenin family, and despite being so young, possesses a vast amount of knowledge. He is very familiar with the world’s workings due to his upbringing. As a child, Hayate found himself hopping from one job to another due to his parents’ antics constantly putting his family in debt.

All this led to him acquiring a broad set of skills at the age of eight and the physical prowess needed to tackle any situation he finds himself in. This gentle butler is sure to capture many viewers’ hearts, whether for his cute appearance or his accomplishments.

21. Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Baka & Test – Summon The Beasts)

hideyoshi kinoshita

Last but definitely not the least on this list of the top anime traps is the ever-calm Hideyoshi Kinoshita. This young man is an esteemed member of his school’s drama club and is often mistaken for a girl. He always corrects those who make this mistake, but despite this, he dresses in female attire quite regularly in any roles he plays a part in for the drama club.

Baka & Test is a light-hearted supernatural series set in a high school that divides students based on their merits. As a consequence of his constant immersion in acting, Hideyoshi finds himself in the lowest class of his grade. Will he ever make it out? If you’re eager to find out, give this anime a try.

Which Anime Traps Confused You The Most?

Traps come in many forms, but primarily adorable boys disguised as girls. Whether in ecchi anime that scintillate your heart’s desires or in isekai programs that set fire to your sense of adventure, you’re sure to find these cross dressing connoisseurs a sight for sore eyes.

And I am sure that that the revelation of a character you thought to be a female in an anime series was in fact a male came as a shock to you. So do let me know which of these anime traps was the most shocking; and if you think I missed out on a popular trap character, then use the comments section below to let me know about them!

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