17 Best Anime Like Attack on Titan You Must Watch (2022)

There are only a few anime like Attack on Titan that can match the kind of impact it had when it first aired, but there are a couple of anime that are quite similar to Attack on Titan when compared to the plot, the characters and the overall dark-fantasy feel that the show offers.

Attack on Titan, aka Shingeki no Kyojin, is one of the those anime series that instantly piqued our interest, then, ended up filling us with both surprise and horror. However, it certainly hit a whole new level of thrill when the first Titan appeared through the walls of the Shiganshina District.

The exhilarating experience has not failed us till the very end. Always keeping us at the edge of our seats and wondering what’s going to happen in this post-apocalyptic universe where humans are nothing but fodder. And so, it’s hardly surprising that Attack on Titan (AOT) has topped all the charts.

But as all great things come to an end, the final season of AoT is also coming to a close. While we set our eyes on the final season, we are also dreading what will happen after AoT ends.

What shall we do to keep us entertained with that dark, action-horror aura? Naturally, we just need anime similar to Attack on Titan to fill that hole.

However, anime has presented us with options that are not just enticing but equally thrilling. So, here is a list of the best anime series to watch if you are an Attack on Titan fan.

Best Anime Like Attack On Titan (2022)

17. Black Bullet

black bullet

Black Bullet and Attack on Titan share the concept of humanity being confined within walls for their safety. The dark fantasy world we encounter in this series faces a threat in the form of a virus named Gastrea that turns humans into Monsters.

The last of humanity lives within the walls made of Varanium and sends out teams similar to Survey Corps of AoT to keep the monsters at bay. However, children inside the walls that are born with the traces of the virus have superhuman abilities.

Threatened and cornered, the infected ones form teams with the local civil security members and fight the monsters roving the walls.

The story revolves around Enju Aihara and Satomi Rentaro much like our male-female duo of Mikasa and Eren as they fight the gruesome war on behalf of civilians.

16. Vinland Saga

vinland saga

While AoT is based around the concept of a foreign threat, Vinland Saga is all about war and power balance between two formidable factions.

The series also has a dark feel to it, not at all for the faint of heart.

Vikings live for fights, blood, and carnage, and two opposing forces England and Danes have given it to them. We see the lives of mercenaries who murder and butcher anyone just for money, and sometimes just for amusement.

The story follows Thorfinn’s life – our main lead who endures the torment of the Viking lifestyle despite his father’s teachings about peace.

But, what peace is left for the child who seeks revenge for his father’s murder?

That said, Vinland Saga is often debated to be on par with Attack on Titan both in terms of the storyline and the terror it imparts.

15. Blue Exorcist

blue exorcist

Blue Exorcist is based on two worlds, Assiah – where humans live and Gehenna – the land of Demons. While humans cannot enter Gehenna, demons can travel Assiah by simply possessing a living thing. However, fighting evil with evil seems to be the norm amongst humans and demons alike.

Exorcists seek to do just that, destroying the demons who damage Assiah.

The story begins when Satan, the demon king, is overcome by the desire to conquer Assiah. And so, he ends up sending his own son into the human world to pave the path for his prevalence.

Things go wrong when Rin Okumura discovers that he is the son of Satan. However, he refuses to help his father. Instead, he uses his newly found chaotic powers to save Assiah and joins his brother, Yukio, to become the greatest exorcist.

14. Darker Than Black

darker than black

Darker Than Black is set in a time where Hell’s Gate and Heaven’s Gate have appeared on Earth for some mysterious purpose. The emergence of these gates has also caused the presence of Contractors – beings who lost their humanity to gain superhuman abilities.

Many organizations are working for their causes using contractors with different abilities making the series both chaotic and attention-grabbing.

Hei, a contractor, is the main protagonist as well as the villain. He undertakes missions of espionage and murder for an organization named Syndicate. He is also exceptionally quick on his feet just like our AoT star – Levi Ackerman.

The series also shows corruption within society resembling AoT, and so, this sci-fi thriller is a must-watch for all Attack on Titan fans.

13. Aldnoah.Zero

The series is set in the year 2300, way into the future as compared to AoT, but Aldnoah. Zero does not disappoint in any way.

The series follows a headstrong main lead – Inaho Kaizuka, much like Eren Yeager, who is determined to end the war between two mighty sides.

While people living on Earth face a tremendous threat from Martian Giant Predators, even the Humans living on Mars are now pitched against Earth residents, fighting till one or the other is completely obliterated.

Ironically, humans from both planets were once harmonious allies.

And so, the series shows the darkest side of any fatal encounter, the sheer selfishness for survival and a rising desire for more blood.

That said, this sci-fi series also depicts epic battles with tiny humans fighting against humongous beings making it one of the best anime like Attack on Titan. The action and the dark Aura surrounding these fights make the show even more entertaining.

12. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood

While diving into the dark realm of anime, it’s hard to miss Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood where two brothers, in trying to revive their dead mother, lose it all. As they attempt to go against the laws of nature, one brother loses his entire body while the other loses his limbs.

It gets more interesting when they gain a metal body and metal limbs for themselves, earning the infamous name Fullmetal.

However, Alphonse and Edward take us on a roller coaster ride when they begin searching for the Philosopher’s Stone, determined to gain their bodies back.

The series may feel a little off from our typical dark sci-fi and horror genre.

But it has all the action that we need and is one of the most intriguing anime shows featuring complex storylines with immense character growth.

In fact, it is famous to the point that some argue that it is even better than AoT, myself included!

11. Knights of Sidonia

knights of sidonia

Humans trying to stop the ultimate nemesis to humankind is indeed a very enthralling plot and we have been through that with Attack on Titan.

But what if it’s a thousand years into the future and humans are almost wiped off by the unstoppable beings named Gauna?

Knights of Sidonia does that and much more.

It’s set in the year 3394 and presents a journey through space, filled with adventures, action, discovery, and wait for it, Death!

What makes this anime series similar to Attack on Titan is the fact that the main character, Nagate Tanikaze, along with his friends, battles for the survival of the last of humanity. With a lot of political chaos, fight-or-die scenarios as well as bloodshed and gore, this series is sure to put you through a nail-biting thriller.

10. Claymore


It’s hard to miss Claymore when you are looking for dark-themed anime, filled with blood and violence. The brutality and blood bath in Claymore are paralleled only by AoT.

“Youma” are the Demons that attack humans and feed on their flesh. Meanwhile, Clayomores are the human-demon hybrids who get rid of these Youma.

Our story begins when a Youma wreaks havoc in Raki’s village, killing his parents while a Claymore named Clare saves his life. Raki then joins Clare on her quest to squash Youma.

However, Raki finds out about Clare’s missions to seek vengeance for her own family and for the organization she works with. The pain and sorrow are evident through the fights and deaths.

And so, it goes without saying that if you loved AoT you will like Claymore as well.

9. Akame Ga Kill

akame ga kill

Being die-hard fans of the dark anime-verse, we know now that there is no bigger threat to humanity other than humanity itself.

That is exactly what Akame Ga Kill is about.

When the government is so corrupted that each day is like living in hell with hunger, poverty, and strife, where does one find Hope? When questioning the government means instant death in broad daylight, where does one find Justice?

The suffering itself created a revolutionary movement – the Night Raid – that is covertly trying to overthrow the government. Meanwhile, our main character Tatsumi becomes their newest member after realizing the state of the world he lives in.

8. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

kabaneri of the iron fortress

The island of Hinomoto is a safe haven for the last of human beings where they have built giant stations to keep away the Kabane – the flesh-eating beings.

Sounds familiar?

What’s more is that there are people who can transform into Kabane and temporarily gain supernatural powers to fight these monsters, much like Eren Yeager of AoT.

Theme aside, it even carries similar graphics and vibes which makes it one of the best anime like Attack on Titan. But it may just be because AoT is animated by the same studio.

However, the Kabane is a product of a chimeric virus – infamous for its immortality.

And so, even if Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress appears similar to AoT, it is still unique in several other aspects. In fact, it is compelling enough to be watched as it takes us through the epic battles, witty scenarios, and selfish skirmishes solely to survive the colossal threat.

7. Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul

The story begins with Ken Kaneki having an unfortunate encounter with Rize Kamishiro. The incident turns Kaneki into a ghoul – a monster that survives purely on human flesh.

However, Ghouls can disguise themselves as humans.

So, the mere idea that anyone can be a flesh-eating monster creates an entirely different experience – much like our beloved AoT with Titans hiding within human skins.

Still, a humanoid figure eating another human is more brutal, gruesome, and violent.

The storyline follows Kaneki who is now a ghoul trying his best to cling to what’s left of his humanity. He fights against other ghouls in the city, yet fights against himself wanting to eat human flesh side by side them.

The show is definitely categorized as dark fantasy with violence and bloodshed as main themes. And so, if you are an Attack on Titan fan, you are bound to love Tokyo Ghoul.

6. God Eater

god eater

Typically, the stories follow a main character having supernatural abilities by a complete coincidence or by his own volition.

However, God Eater pretty much defies the norm.

Instead, they introduce Fenrir – a force that develops God Eaters who are people infused with special cells and capable of wielding weapons called the God Arcs. God Eaters train and fight against the imminent threat to humanity – ‘Aragami.’

The story follows the protagonist – Lenka Utsugi, who wields the newest God Arc.

And so, God Eater is a masterpiece in its own right when we venture into a world where human beings are mercilessly devoured.

That said, otakus frequently argue that God Eater is nothing like Attack on Titan in both themes or storylines. However, both series have a similar dark fantasy aura.

5. Seraph Of The End

seraph of the end

Following a pandemic, the world is overcome by vampires’ merciless reign. Yuuichirou, a hot-blooded boy, is driven by his desire to seek revenge against vampires that ruthlessly slaughtered his family.

He, along with his other friends, takes on the mission to save the last of humankind. In addition to the enthralling plotline, the atmosphere is as murky as it can get and gives the feeling that no one is truly safe.

This series shares something more with our favorite anime Attack on Titan as the animation studio and soundtrack compose are the same, making it a huge success amongst fans of the show.

However, it would be unjustified to assume that Seraph Of The End doesn’t have huge a fan base of its own, one that prefers it over any other show.

4. Drifters


Joining the ranks of the bloodiest as well as the most violent anime series like Attack on Titan, is Drifters. We see a spray of blood everywhere, heads chopped off, people burnt and bodies splattered.

This anime is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Toyohisa Shimazu is fighting a war in one realm when he is thrown into another. In this new World, he forms friendships and ties with famed warriors only to find that he has to fight another war.

But this time, he is not only torn between a fight of human kingdoms. Instead, there are all kinds of fantastical creatures from Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits to even Demi-humans.

Toyohisa, who is now a part of a warrior group called ‘Drifters,’ must face another group named ‘Ends’ who wishes to destroy Drifters and rule this world.

3. Hellsing Ultimate

hellsing ultimate

With ever-growing forces of corrupted vampires and vile creatures like ghouls, the Hellsing organization fights to protect human beings. This organization is led by Integra Hellsing – the last Heiress of the Hellsing family.

She has a huge army but her trump card is Alucard – a powerful vampire.

Alucard has pledged his loyalty to the Hellsing family and fights against his own kind, alongside a new but determined vampire servant, Seras Victoria. Each character including Integra, Alucard, and Seras has endured their fair share of pain.

However, in order to protect unarmed and innocent humans, they must keep fighting and spilling the blood of hostile creatures.

This series has one of a kind character design with Alucard as a badass protagonist and Seras a seemingly naïve but very capable young female. The bloodlust and creativity in killing methods give the series a dark but intriguing vibe.

And so, if you are an AoT fan, this series will keep you entertained.

2. Goblin Slayer

goblin slayer

What if the evil sprouts only from underestimating its potential or simply, negligence?

It so happens that Goblins were overlooked only because they have not been a huge threat to humankind for a long time. However, they have grown in numbers as well as in power.

Now, they go from village to village killing all species, raiding and taking women of all kinds to breed. A priestess finds herself in immediate peril when she is involved with goblins but before her death, she is saved by the Goblin Slayer.

A person with no name or face, he fights and kills these goblins with his extraordinary skill and protects the weak. Goblin Slayer is haunted by his past but he has made it his mission to kill the goblins.

The series is packed with exciting action, with tones resembling those of AoT.

1. 86


The ongoing war has made the ruling parties make some of the most morally corrupt decisions. However, taking things to a whole new extreme, the republic of San Magnolia has made its citizens from 85 districts believe that everyone is safe.

They even claimed that there were no war casualties!

Unfortunately, this is the biggest lie because there exists another faction known as 86 within the military. The citizens of this district are made to fight the war.

The series revolves around Vladilena Milizé who wants to fight for the rights of habitants of 86. She meets the current head of spearhead squadron Shinei Nouzen who is infamous for being the sole survivor for several missions.

With his intense resolve to carry on his comrades’ legacy and Lena’s resolve to fight for their rights, they uncover secrets about the war and the truth behind it.

Though you might feel that the story doesn’t exactly match Attack on Titan as much, however, it does show how a lying king can change the fate of so many.

What’s The Best Anime Like Attack On Titan?

A dive into the dark fantasy anime-verse gets us familiar with so many enthralling ideas, gripping stories, and finally unparalleled character design. The fear and terror it entails are often characterized by a very human reaction.

Surely, Attack on Titan deserves all the respect it has earned.

But the dark fantasy as a genre has been growing way before Attack on Titan claimed the throne in 2013, snatching views and praises from all over the world.

There are still several anime similar to Attack on Titan out there and if you feel that this list should feature some of your favorite ones, use the comments section below to let us know about them!

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