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Best Monogatari Watch Order Guide You Should Follow (2022)

If you are a big anime fan, you must have already heard a lot about the Monogatari series because it’s extremely popular. And if you have ever thought of watching the entire series but stopped after being confused by how convoluted everything looks, then don’t worry because you simply need to follow the correct Monogatari watch order!

The series is based on Japanese light novels written by Nisio Isin, and it’s immensely popular. With more than 20 novels in the series, and more planned for the future, there’s a lot of story to cover. The light novels are worth reading, but if you aren’t a light novel reader and prefer the anime adaptations, then I am glad to say that Monogatari is a series whose anime adaptations are just as excellent.

However, unlike most of the anime series that follow a linear pattern in storytelling, Monogatari is a bit different. The plot may seem convoluted in the beginning which can easily scare away first time viewers.

The truth is that all the arcs in the series are meant to be viewed in the shuffled order. While this may confuse a lot of people, you simply need to follow the recommended Monogatari watch order and everything will make sense. It’s a unique and one-of-a-kind anime that you definitely don’t want to miss!

monogatari series in order

What Is The Monogatari Anime Series About?

Monogatari is an interesting series popular among most anime fans because of its deep, unique plot and action. Monogatari series, especially the first season, revolves around the supernatural, which is usually inclusive of vampires, monsters, and pretend monsters.

The main protagonist, Koyomi Araragi, encounters a hotblooded, blonde-haired vampire, Shinobu Oshino, that changes his life after their first encounter. The brief encounter leaves Koyomi being transformed into a vampire, a fearful and powerful monster. This event is a major start in the anime because Koyomi dabbles into the supernatural in a quest to return back to his mundane life away from the dangerous life of a vampire.

In the subsequent series, like Monogatari’s second season, Bakemonogatari and others depict the protagonist Koyomi Araragi being deeply involved in the supernatural and a vampiric lifestyle.

He begins to encounter gods, monsters, and spirits, some vile and some friendly. Later on, in the series, Koyomi loses his vampirism but still doesn’t return to being a normal human. He still regains his supernatural and extraordinary powers, such as his healing abilities and exceptional eyesight. Despite returning back to being human, or in this case, a special human, Koyomi still helps other people afflicted with supernatural maladies in returning them back to normal.

Monogatari can be a complex anime series to watch, especially for people that are new to anime in general. If it’s your first anime and you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t be. It’s an interesting anime with a very deep plot and interesting characters.

There are various ways to start watching the series, and in this article, we will discuss the best way to watch Monogatari series in order, including episodes, movies and the ONAs. As usual, you are free to start the anime series at any point; however, the suggestions below would be ideal for you to get the best experience.

The Best Monogatari Watch Order Ever:

I’ll just start this guide with the best watch order you can follow. There are several websites telling you all kinds of order to watch the show, but trust me, you should watch it season-wise.

And if you don’t trust me, then trust the author Nisio Isin who also recommends the below watch order. This watch order follows the same order as the light novels, so the author also intended them to be read in this order.

And since the light novels are supposed to be read in this order, it only makes sense that you should watch the series in this order as well. So, let’s have a look at the recommended order to watch Monogatari series in 2022:

  • First Season

    • Bakemonogatari (15 episodes)
    • Kizumonogatari (Movies)
      • Part 1 – Tekketsu
      • Part 2 – Nekketsu
      • Part 3 – Reiketsu
    • Nisemonogatari (11 episodes)
    • Nekomonogatari: Black (4 episodes)
  • Second Season

    • Monogatari Series: Second Season (Episodes 1 to 11)
      • Includes Nekomonogatari: White and Kabukimonogatari
    • Hanamonogatari (5 episodes)
    • Monogatari Series: Second Season (Episodes 12 to 26)
      • Includes Otorimonogatari, Onimonogatari, and Koimonogatari
  • Final Season

    • Tsukimonogatari (Episodes 1 to 4)
    • Koyomimonogatari (12 short episodes)
    • Owarimonogatari: Season 1 & 2
    • Zoku Owarimonogatari (6 Episodes)

how to watch monogatari in order

It doesn’t matter if you are familiar with the series or you haven’t watched even a single episode, the order listed above is the perfect way to watch Monogatari series. There’s no need to watch it any other way!

But there are other watch orders as well, like the release order or the chronological order, and if you are interested in those too, keep reading!

Monogatari Series Release Order

If you are the kind of person that prefers to watch any movies or series in the order of which they released, then this part of the article is for you.

After all, otakus that have been watching this series since 2009 followed this same process. Secondly, it is easier to follow and watch because of the release date, making it less stressful to sort out. And if you like the show, you can always re-watch it in another order.

1. TV Series:

  • Bakemonogatari (2009)
  • Nisemonogatari (2012)
  • Nekomonogatari: Kuro (2012)
  • Monogatari Series – 2nd Season (2013)
    • Episodes 1 to 6 – Nekomonogatari: White
    • Episodes 7-11 – Kabukimonogatari
    • Episodes 12 to 16 – Otorimonogatari
    • Episodes 17 to 20 – Onimonogatari
    • Episodes 21 to 26 – Koimonogatari
  • Hanamonogatari (2014)
  • Tsukimonogatari (2014)
  • Owarimonogatari (2015)
  • Owarimonogatari – 2nd Season (2017)

2. Movies:

  • Kizumonogatari
    • Part 1: Tekketsu (2016)
    • Part 2: Nekketsu (2016)
    • Part 3: Reiketsu (2017)
  • Zoku Owarimonogatari (2018)

monogatari movies in order

3. ONAs:

  • Okitegami Kyouko no Bibouroku x Monogatari (2014)
  • Nisekoimonogatari (2015)
  • Koyomimonogatari (2016)

4. Specials:

  • Bakemonogatari Recap (2009)
  • Nekomonogatari: Kuro Recap (2013)
  • Koyomi History (2016)
  • Owarimonogatari – 2nd Season Recaps (2017)

How To Watch Monogatari Series In Chronological Order?

There aren’t many anime series that I would recommend you to watch in chronological order, but Monogatari series is a bit different. I wouldn’t exactly recommend you to watch the series in this order if you haven’t seen it before, but if you are re-watching it, then this is the perfect order to follow!

If you have watched the series once already, then you are familiar with all the characters, their relationships and the overall plot. But now, re-watching it in chronological order will give you a new perspective as you revisit the story and start filling in the gaps that you may have missed in your first viewing. This will provide you with a better viewing experience overall.

Once again, I wouldn’t recommend you to follow this order if this is your first time watching the series, but if you are re-watching, then this is the best Monogatari watch order for you!

  • Kizumonogatari
    • Part 1: Tekketsu (2016)
    • Part 2: Nekketsu (2016)
    • Part 3: Reiketsu (2017)
  • Koyomimonogatari (Episode 1)
  • Nekomonogatari: Black
  • Bakemonogatari
  • Koyomimonogatari (Episode 3)
  • Koyomimonogatari (Episode 4)
  • Koyomimonogatari (Episode 5)
  • Nisemonogatari
  • Kabukimonogatari
  • Onimonogatari
  • Owarimonogatari (Episodes 8-13)
  • Nekomonogatari: White
  • Owarimonogatari (Episodes 1-7)
  • Otorimonogatari
  • Koimonogatari
  • Tsukimonogatari
  • Owarimonogatari – 2nd Season
  • Zoku Owarimonogatari
  • Hanamonogatari
  • Koyomimonogatari (Episode 2; Episodes 6-12)


Monogatari is an amazing series, something that every anime fan should watch at least once. Now I understand that it might seem a pretty tough job navigating between multiple titles in the beginning, it’s actually a seamless experience if you just watched it in proper order.

Like I already said, if you are beginner to the show, then just follow the Monogatari watch order recommended by the author as that’s the order the light novels were released in. For people already familiar with the show, go for chronological order!

That brings us to the end of this article. I hope you will find it a little bit easier getting started with this series after reading this article. So, make sure to leave a feedback and share this watch order with your friends too!

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