One Piece Theory: Who’s the 11th Member of the Strawhat Pirates?

If you’ve ever wondered about who’s going to be the 11th member of the Strawhat Pirates, then we have some theories for it. There’s quite a few characters that we’d like to see join the crew, so we’d like to share our opinions with you all!

Ever since Monkey D. Luffy’s journey began, luck has always been on his side when it came to choosing crewmates. Starting with Zoro, Nami, Usopp and finally Sanji in the East Blue, all came together to begin their journey of a lifetime and achieve their individual goals. They entered the Grand Line where Tony Tony Chopper joined them, followed by Nico Robin, Franky and finally Brook. In the recent Whole Cake Island arc, we saw Jimbei leave Big Mom Pirates to join the Strawhats, and it has already been made official that he is the 10th member of the crew. However, he’s not been seen since the arc and hasn’t set foot on the Thousand Sunny with the entire crew.

The total number of crew members stands at 9 with Luffy as their captain for now, and it’s been hinted previously that there will be at least 10 members to the crew, which means that we still have one more pirate to go! You may already have seen quite a few theories floating around on who’s going to be the 11th Strawhat, but most of them are just plain ridiculous!

one piece 11th strawhat member
Who will be the 11th member of Strawhat Pirates?

Who’s the 11th Member of the Strawhat Pirates?

There have been several theories going around that Charlotte Katakuri or Crocodile could join the Strawhats, and as much as you’d like to see these two powerhouses on the Thousand Sunny, that’s not going to happen. There’s also various opinions that suggest that Bon Kurei, Kuzan (Aokiji) or Kinemon could become the 11th member, but they don’t seem to have any proper connections to support it.

So, with that out of the way, here’s what we think about the 11th Strawhat member – it will be either Carrot or O-Tama!

Possible 11th Strawhat – Carrot

There’s pretty strong suggestions from Oda sensei that the final strawhat member is going to be Carrot and it would make a lot of sense if that really happens. For one, she’s already been on the ship for a long time and has bonded with all the members really well, and her jolly nature blends really well with the overall vibe aboard the Thousand Sunny. Moreover, Pedro sacrificing himself to save the Strawhats could prove to be a main factor in her deciding to join the crew!

one piece carrot 11th strawhat pirate
Nami, Chopper and Carrot inside the Wedding Cake!

Carrot, as the member of the Mink Tribe, is a warrior from birth and pretty powerful as well. She’s not just a good natured rabbit-mink, but she’s also a force to be reckoned with. Her physical abilities are top-notch making her quick and agile. She’s also quite durable as she was able to get back up after being stomped to the ground by Charlotte Katakuri and has quite a strong will as well because she was able to withstand Big Mom’s Haoshoku Haki too.

She also has her “Sulong” form that she can activate during Full Moon which magnifies her strength, speed, agility, Electro and her overall fighting abilities.

Another strong point is that she could develop an immunity to Kenbunshoku Haki which could make her a perfect scout to enter enemy territory undetected and collect intel. Why do I say that? There have been instances showing that Luffy wasn’t able to detect the Mink warriors surrounding him when he was fighting against the two guardians on Zou. He only came to know about all the warriors surrounding him when Wanda told them all to leave. This maybe a small point that’s often overlooked, but it seems like the warriors of the Mink Tribe can effectively hide their presence even from Observation Haki, and Carrot being one of the strongest warriors may be able to use it as well!

one piece 11th member carrot sulong form
Carrot in her “Sulong” form!

That’s just her physical powers, but what about her character and nature and how does that fit with the Strawhat crew? As we’ve all seen during the long-running story that each and every member of the crew loves having fun, even someone as serious as Robin loves how lively the ship is all the time.

Carrot is naive and childish, much like Luffy, but also is fiercely protective of her friends as she’s shown the eagerness to risk her life to protect the Strawhats on multiple occasions. She also seems to have a curious personality, and having never seen the world outside of Zou or have any knowledge of any natural phenomenon, she can prove to be the perfect adventurer. Moreover, we need to add a new member to the Luffy-Usopp-Chopper trio so that they can enjoy more silly moments!

Also, she’s the perfect candidate to be on the position of the ship’s lookout, as she already has quite a lot of experience in that regard with her time on Zou!

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Possible 11th Member of the Strawhats: O-Tama

O-Tama was introduced in the current Wano Kingdom arc, and has already become a fan-favorite to join to Strawhat Pirate crew. So what are the reasons behind them and do they make any sense? Let’s find out!

The one, and a pretty big, reason that O-Tama could join the Strawhats is that she’s met Ace sometime in the past when he visited the samurai country and formed a bond with him. She wanted to go out to the sea with him but being quite young, Ace promised her that he’d come back later and take her with him. So, it’s quite possible that Luffy would fulfill his brother’s promise and take O-Tama out with him to the sea.

one piece o-tama 11th strawhat
O-Tama wearing Luffy’s strawhat!

Other point that a lot of people make is that O-Tama wore Luffy’s strawhat which means that she’s going to join the crew. Currently, there’s only two women on the ship, Robin and Nami, and both of them have worn the captain’s hat before officially joining the crew. So, Oda-sensei showing O-Tama wearing the hat could be foreshadowing that she’ll become a part of the crew in the future.

Now, although these points make a lot of sense, but there’s one thing we should all consider – her age! She’s just 8 years old as of now and there’s no way she’s ready to face all the dangerous and terrible foes that the group will encounter in their journey. We all know that One Piece is around 80% complete which means that we are entering the final stages of this epic adventure. This also means there will be a war involving not just the Yonkos, but also the World Government and the entire Navy and the Strawhats will be at the center of it all. That’s not a good place for an 8-year old to be in and Luffy, even though being quite naive, would understand that.

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What about Princess Vivi or O-Kiku?

I don’t think that Vivi is going to join the crew as she can’t just abandon her entire kingdom. She may announce her and the Alabasta Kingdom as Luffy’s allies, but I can’t see any possibility that she’d actually become a member of the crew.

Coming to O-Kiku, there’s a chance that she could very well become a Strawhat considering that she’s quite strong; but we already have two swordsmen on the ship – Zoro and Brook – and having a third one doesn’t make any sense. However, we still don’t know much about her and as Wano Kingdom arc progresses, we’d learn more about her character, her past and her motivations and will update this article when possible.

(Update: O-Kiku is a “dude”, not a she!)

Who, According to You, Should be the 11th Strawhat?

That was the complete article on who’s going to be the 11th member of the Strawhat pirates. As of now, we only see one of the two people – Carrot and O-Tama – joining the crew, with Carrot being the more likely candidate. But Oda-sensei may decide to add them both to the crew as Luffy said that he wanted “at least” 10 members.

So, what do you think about the article, and who will end up as the 11th Strawhat member? Do leave your comments below and let us know your opinions and theories!

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