In/Spectre Season 2: Release Date, Plot Details & Trailer

In/Spectre season 2 is confirmed to release in 2023, and there’s only a short time before the first episode airs. I am sure you are excited to watch this anime because you liked the first season, and we will talk about everything we know about the second season in this article!

Earlier, the second season of In/Spectre was supposed to release in October 2022, as was revealed back in March 2022, but it was later postponed. On May 2, 2022, the officials announced the anime’s delay for certain reasons, but the delay wasn’t infinite as it was revealed that the anime’s new season will air in 2023.

And you won’t have to wait long to see your favorite characters back on the screen, as the second season will be coming out in just a few months.

In/Spectre season 1 had only 12 episodes, but it was a crazy ride for the anime fans, and they thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. That also made them anxious and impatient for the second season. Although we don’t have exact information about how many episodes season 2 will have, there will likely be only 12 episodes!

What is In/Spectre Season 2 Release Date?

We don’t have a confirmed release date for the second season of In/Spectre, but it’s guaranteed to release in Winter 2023, i.e., the month of January 2023!

Update: The first episode of In/Spectre season 2 premieres on January 9, 2023!

when does in/spectre season 2 come out

The teaser trailers and key art visuals were shared pretty early, and Brain’s Base will be producing the second season, so we can have our expectations high. Besides, the quality is prominently visible from the teasers. It’s the same studio that animated its first season as well.

Unlike other anime, there aren’t many details about its story arcs and all. However, it was also inspired by its manga and light novels.

Rest assured that there are no significant changes in the cast and crew apart from two new characters. To guess its number of episodes, we can predict it to be the same as season one. A total of three promotional videos have been shared, along with key art visuals.

In/Spectre Season 2 – Official Trailer:

What Is In/Spectre Anime All About?

Anyone who has watched In/Spectre knows this is not an ordinary story. The anime is set in a supernatural world unlike any other because its inhabitants are not only humans but other supernatural beings as well.

Yokai are the spirits that coexist with humanity, and Kotoko, our female protagonist, works to maintain peace as a mediator between both parties.

The anime highlights the romance genre when she falls in love at first sight with Kuro, the male protagonist. He was a heartbroken university student who experienced bad luck in his relationship. Destiny brings them together, and eventually, both become partners. The plot progresses, building suspense and curiosity in the fans. Both the main leads work together, solving mysteries and maintaining peace between Yokai and humans.

This is an overall fantastic combo of supernatural, romance, and mystery. Very rarely, one gets to see everything splendid enough to capture the audience’s hearts completely. The budding romance, along with action and supernatural stuff, is ardently admired by otaku worldwide. Hardly do we see a female and male duo together in action.

when is in/spectre season 2 releasing

In the key art visuals, we can see a new character introduced. She is Yuki Onna, who is not an ordinary character but a Yokai. Apart from her, there is another character named Masayuki Muroi as well. He is the one whom Yuki Onna saves from falling from the cliff. That’s how they met; after 11 years, fate made them meet again.

After watching the trailer, fans have high expectations from the much-awaited season. The trailer has revealed everyone’s favorite Kuro and Kotoko in action. One can’t judge much about the plot from the teaser, as it’s not even 2 minutes long. Nevertheless, it sure looks worthwhile.


Even though the second season of In/Spectre was supposed to release in October 2022, it’s not confirmed that it will release in January 2023. Though there is no exact release date yet confirmed, you guys will be updated as soon as it is revealed.

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