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Top 10: Best Anime Like Mob Psycho 100 to Watch in 2019

There are literally tons of anime shows you can find featuring unusually strong protagonists, but they usually stick to the same clichés. But there are also shows like Mob Psycho 100 featuring characters so strong that they can one-shot their opponents without breaking a sweat and still manages to rise up all the tropes and become extremely popular.

Mob Psycho 100 is the story of an average-looking high school student, Shigeo Kageyama who at first glance doesn’t seem so special. But he is a powerful esper hiding ridiculously strong psychic abilities in his body. Due to his timid nature and social anxiety, he tends to keep his emotions in check which puts a damper on his powers as well, but when his emotions run wild is the moment all his powers are unleashed and the person who wronged him will be in for a rude awakening, or a beat-down to be precise!

The show is created by the same author who also created One-Punch Man, so you’ll see that title in the below list as well. If you’ve liked watching Mob Psycho 100 because of its awesome comedy, great visuals and a unique animation style, then you are also going to love watching similar anime shows as well. We have prepared a list of some titles that come close to what Mob Psycho 100 delivers, so enjoy watching this quirky titles.

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The Best Anime like Mob Psycho 100:

10. Detroit Metal City

detroit metal city

The story and the plot couldn’t be more different by Detroit Metal City is quite similar to Mob Psycho 100 in more ways than one! The show focuses on the adventures of the lead singer, Johannes Krauser II, of Detroit Metal City which is a death metal band known for its dark and crude style. The lead singer is often publicized as a demonic being who’s risen from the fiery pits of hell; but the description can’t be more wrong! Johannes is just an alter-ego and the real person behind that persona is Souichi Negishi, a college graduate, who is soft-spoken and peace-loving but he has to participate in the concert events and embrace his demonic personality in order to make ends meet.

Watch “Detroit Metal City” right here!

9. One-Punch Man

one-punch man

I am pretty sure you guessed this was going to be listed if you are big fan of Mob Psycho 100! Both the anime shows, One-Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 have been created by the same author and features almost similar plot. Just like Mob, Saitama is the strongest character capable of defeating all his foes in a single punch, but he is an easy-going guy who became a hero just for fun. Although he can defeat every single villain easily, the show doesn’t get dull even for a single moment. Apart from awesome action sequences, One-Punch Man also has a ton of hilarious moments and various unique characters, just like Mob Psycho 100, that makes it a worthy addition to this list!

Watch “One-Punch Man” right here!

8. My Hero Academia

my hero academia

My Hero Academia may not feel exactly similar to Mob Psycho 100, but there are several similarities that we can’t just ignore. For starters, both the shows feature an insanely powerful main character who have yet to gain total control over their powers. Plus, these characters appear weak at first glance but they have great strength and always want to do the right thing and protect as many people as they can. Although MHA doesn’t have a lot of comedic moments like MP100, it still comes pretty close in different departments making it a worthy alternative.

Watch “My Hero Academia” right here!

7. Noragami


This might seem a little out of place, but it actually is quite similar in a lot of different ways. Noragami and Mob Psycho 100 feature a student/mentor relationship where the mentor, Yato and Reigen, are the comic relief and often engage in silly activities, but they get really serious when it comes to protecting their students. Moreover, both the shows feature supernatural battles as Mob battles evil spirits while Yato, being a God, also finds himself fighting several monsters all the time.

Watch “Noragami” right here!

6. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

haven't you heard? i'm sakamoto

If you’ve watched and loved Mob Psycho 100, then I would suggest you to watch Haven’t You Heard? I’ Sakamoto immediately. Granted that both the shows are polar opposites when it comes to the plot, but when judge them through the slice-of-life and comedic elements, they are quite similar. Sakamoto, as a student, is the definition of “perfect” as he’s good at everything making all the girls fall for him and all the guys envy him, and even his teachers can’t outwit him. There are no psychic powers or supernatural battles involved, just one hilarious moment after another!

Watch “Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto” right here!

5. Blood Lad

blood lad

Do you want to watch an anime like Mob Psycho 100 just to see another overpowered main character wreak havoc, then go for Blood Lad. The show focuses on Staz Charlie Blood, a powerful vampire, who rules over the Eastern district of the Demon World. Rumors say that he’s a merciless monster; but in reality, he’s just an otaku obsessed with the Japanese culture and he leaves all his work to his underlings to spend his time indulging in anime, manga and games. But when a girl accidentally enters the Demon World through a portal, and is subsequently killed, Staz vows to resurrect her as this would give him a chance to enter the human realm, something he’s always dreamed of!

Watch “Blood Lad” right here!

4. Gintama


The aliens have invaded earth and taken over feudal Japan and banished the use of swords resulting in a disregard for the samurai of Japan. Gintoki Sakata, a samurai by heart, is the focus of the show who takes on a variety of odd jobs and completes them with the help of different quirky characters accompanying him. The plot sounds quite odd, right? That’s because it is and it’s still one of the best comedy anime you’d ever watch. Just like Mob Psycho 100, the main character is quite powerful but only shows his strength in serious moments. Other than a few, but epic, battle sequences, it’s filled with hilarious events and often makes fun of various other anime shows as well.

Watch “Gintama” right here!

3. Great Teacher Onizuka

great teacher onizuka

One look at the show and you’ll see that Reigen Arataka and Onizuka are both quite similar, not just in terms of physical appearance, but also their personality as they both seem to be swindlers and frauds, but they genuinely care for their sidekicks/students.

Onizuka is basically a reformed biker gang leader who wants to become the world’s greatest teacher for only one purpose, to meet hot high school girls. However, he’s put in charge of a class of delinquents who try to kick him out of the school; but unlucky for them, Onizuka isn’t someone who’s going to go down so easily. He will use everything he knows to control these delinquents and reach his goal of meeting high school girls, one step at a time!

Watch “Great Teacher Onizuka” right here!

2. Hinamatsuri


Just like Mob Psycho 100, Hinamatsuri also features a main character with strong psychic powers. Moreover, they both have an adult with them who keeps using their powers for their own benefits. Both the shows have amazing characters, excellent comedy moments, beautiful animation and of course, battle sequences that happens on a completely different stage as psychic powers are involved. However, the plot is a little bit different as Mob is a student who has to deal with his school activities while Hina has to deal with mafia mostly as her caregiver, Yoshifumi Nitta, is a yakuza member.

Watch “Hinamatsuri” right here!

1. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

the disastrous life of saiki k.

There’s no other anime like Mob Psycho 100 that’s better than The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.! It’s true that the latter doesn’t have action sequences like the former one, but it is a comedy goldmine as the protagonist finds himself in situations that only lead to more and more hilarious moments. Saiki Kusuo is the strongest psychic in the world, capable of tremendous feats and imbued with several different powers, and yet he only wants to live a quiet and uneventful life but he is surrounded by a variety of characters who always seem to put him in different situations that only lead to more chaos.

Watch “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.” right here!

What’s Your Favorite Anime like Mob Psycho 100?

What did you think about our recommendations? I am sure that you found some really good anime titles to watch, and if you did, don’t forget to share them with your friends as well. However, if you think we missed out on some good anime shows that are more similar to Mob Psycho 100 than the ones mentioned above, then use the comments section below and let us know of your suggestions.

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