Core Team

Since we strive to provide you with the best content, we have made a core team of some of the best writers. As we move forward and expand our site to cover other categories, our team will surely get bigger! Allow us to introduce the team members:

Arbaz Khan

He’s the guy who started and is currently the Chief Editor, making sure that only quality content make it to the site. He’s been working as a full-time blogger for more than 5 years now and likes to stay updated with the latest happenings not only in the tech world, but also in the entertainment world. When he is not working, you can find him reading the latest chapters of his favorite manga, One Piece.

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Alya Usman

She is the resident expert when it comes to covering the latest rumors and leaks related to the upcoming smartphones. She is not just proficient when writing about tech, but is equally good at covering the latest gaming updates as well.

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Saadia Umar

When it comes to covering the features of the upcoming smartphone, you can trust her completely. There are many leaks and rumors surrounding the upcoming devices, and she makes it a point to find the most reliable information and deliver them to you.

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